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  • Posted to AMA: Mikael Cho, CEO and Co-Founder of Crew and Unsplash, May 17, 2016

    Hi Mikael, I've worked on some projects with other Crew members, but despite being a member myself since 2013 I haven't scored a single project. I'm not the most active member since I get enough work from other sources to survive, but I do check the site fairly regularly and I apply whenever I see something remotely interesting, but most of the time it feels like talking to a wall. I got shortlisted a few times, had clients reply maybe twice and one of those times I couldn't reply back because they already chose another developer and chat was automatically closed. Now my question is, is this something other members have pointed out to you and that you are aware of, or am I just doing it all wrong?

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  • Posted to Adobe's Project Comet (now Experience Design CC) is finally out, in reply to Ollie Barker , Mar 14, 2016

    You can use Skala Color with it, I'd call that a huge plus.

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  • Posted to Show DN: MONO MONO Site Design, Feb 28, 2016

    Complete ripoff of

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  • Posted to Craft - Design with Real Data in Real Time, in reply to Michael Sena , Feb 05, 2016

    It does actually install a Sketch plugin, along with some binaries. Looks sketchy and I would't trust a company that wants an email address to let you download free stuff and then subscribes you to 20 newsletters.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is anyone on Crew?, in reply to Chris Thurston , Jan 01, 2016

    Your "pricing" is ridiculous.

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  • Posted to Twitter’s overhauled Mac app with dark mode, GIF support, in reply to Max Lind , Dec 31, 2015

    Twitter's official app will never catch up to Tweetbot, just buy it.

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  • Posted to Freelance Hourly Rate Chart, Nov 19, 2015

    I don't know about designers, but iOS Developer chart is completely disconnected from reality.

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  • Posted to Fluid for Sketch, Nov 04, 2015

    It was posted a few days ago when it was still called "Sketch-Constraints", just like the other one. Good thing they changed the name, it was pretty confusing to have two very similar plugins with the same name.

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  • Posted to Basecamp 3 has launched. , in reply to alec s , Nov 04, 2015

    What alternative is there to it, really?

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  • Posted to Basecamp 3 has launched. , Nov 04, 2015

    Been trying it out since yesterday. My biggest annoyance by far is that there is no more passwords. So instead of using your password manager to log in with one tap/click, you now have to type in your email every single time (no, it doesn't remember you), then wait for a link to arrive in your mail app, switch to it, click/tap the link and then you are logged in. What if you're using Basecamp with your work e-mail that you don't have on your phone, but wanted to log in on the go to check something?

    Being friendly to average people has always been their greatest advantage, but they have gone too far with this and I really hope they introduce passwords as an option. Also some more flexible pricing for freelancers and smaller teams wouldn't hurt.

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