Joey Lomanto

Joey Lomanto

I'm a designer and developer currently accepting limited freelance product design work. Joined about 7 years ago via an invitation from Derrick S.

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  • Posted to Do you ever question being a designer or developer?, Nov 01, 2017

    Yup, 100%. I went through a stretch where I was seriously considering alternative career paths. Over the past 10 years I've probably been through it all -- imposter syndrome, highs, lows, wanting to just up and walk away from my computer etc.

    What really helped me was to stop looking for validation through open communities. There's way too much left up to interpretation. One small example -- You may see a small snapshot of somebodies work that triggers an emotional "shit, why can't I do that?" response. But what you probably are missing is the many months of work that went into it and the dozens of conversations and supporters they had along the way.

    I focus my energy on improving and learning from a very select few of positive influencers and close friends I trust. In turn I've been worry less about what others are doing and am able to appreciate my own accomplishments for what they are -- a gradual, incremental step in the right direction.

    Shoot me a message on Twitter if you need a pick me up :)

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  • Posted to "UX! We've got UX! Get your UX here!", in reply to Sacha Greif , Mar 07, 2017

    Were you trying to channel Jurassic Park? Because I got Jurassic Park from the title...

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  • Posted to Sketch symbols update... a step backwards?, in reply to Xavier Bertels , May 08, 2016

    I completely agree. It's been a huge pain in the neck for me ever since it changed. I actually don't even use them now because of the hassle. I hope the people at Sketch see this thread.

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  • Posted to Erik Spiekermann has something to say about Dribbble, in reply to Marc Edwards , Mar 14, 2016

    Thank you, Marc :)

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  • Posted to Let's STOP the "Looks good" epidemic on Dribbble, Jan 14, 2016


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  • Posted to Dribbble now has messages, in reply to Zeeshan Macchiwala , Dec 09, 2015

    I think so. I can't seem to find an official announcement but I just noticed it.

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  • Posted to Let's talk about daily/weekly UI challenges… are they worth it?, Nov 17, 2015

    First: Who the hell cares what the benefit is. If you enjoyed designing something and it made you feel nice then it's worth it. Regardless of if it solves a "real" problem or is shipped.

    Second: Sometimes it feels great to break away from your day job and have a little mental break. Even if it is for "likes", what's wrong with that? We're sharing our craft. I think in many cases, our full-time jobs don't allow us to share what we're working on but we want to still contribute and feel like we're able to keep up with the other talented people in the community. These design challenges make that easy.

    I think we're far too overly critical of what each other is doing.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: App Speed, Rdio or Spotify?, in reply to Aaron Grando , Nov 16, 2015

    I made the switch as well and haven't looked back. I used Rdio for years.

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  • Posted to I just cancelled my Adobe CC subscription and I feel great., in reply to Matthew O'Connor , Oct 05, 2015

    Wow, Matthew. This looks perfect!

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  • Posted to I just cancelled my Adobe CC subscription and I feel great., Oct 03, 2015

    Now we just need an alternative to After Effects. Are there any good ones out there?

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