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  • Posted to Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0, in reply to Josiah Tullis , Oct 09, 2015

    Thanks Josiah. It's funny how once you changed the lighting angles, I actually could visually discern the "M" more clearly. Great post!

    As for the small echoing of hate in some design circles...I completely understand it & honestly expected it. I'd say over on Medium, the overall response has been about 85% positive. But, it's in our nature as designers to be defensive about our craft.

    We hold our design process so tightly in this overly sacred place, that we're almost hostile to the idea that any benefit could come from unsolicited design critiques. But, what we as designers are not getting is that these redesigns are done, not in the role of a professional designer (& all the expected nuances that come along with it), but, rather from the vantage point of the user.

    The user may not have all of the "facts" & knowledge of "constraints"...but, when you redesign as a user, for the user, from your own user perspective - you shed light on areas of need, purpose & pain within the product. We as designers should cherish & embrace that feedback. If certain unsolicited redesign critiques aren't "real world possible" due to behind the scenes constraints - then so be it, but, it doesn't hurt anything other than perhaps feelings to have these redesigns go on.

    P.S. - I might be writing a Medium article on this very topic soon. :)

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  • Posted to Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0, in reply to Laurens Spangenberg , Oct 09, 2015

    I totally & completely respect where you're coming from. Quality feedback.

    My personal feeling on the matter (& something I tried to reiterate both in the article & multiple responses) is that I wanted to make clear that my concept was a staging point for exploration. I don't necessarily see anything wrong with showing a user's suggestion for how they'd interpret meaning into the logo, irregardless of the research stages.

    You see, as a user, my perspective is valid in my own user case scenarios & my voice should be heard, if I so choose to share it. Just as all other user's voices should be heard & then weighed against the objective. I wasn't designing from the frame point of a hired professional, nor an integrated team member whom should follow the steps you describe & distance their personal preferences from their decision making process. Nor was I speaking solely to the design community. I was designing from the opinionated perspective of the user that I am & applying the feedback that would have been gained by interviewing me during that said research stage.

    I view Medium as a platform for the individual to be heard & have a voice. That is why, when I thought over the meaning of the logo, to me as the user, I concluded that it should represent a symbiosis of the original "M" logo mark (which had contextual meaning in itself), with the word "I'm" for "I am Medium...You are Medium...We are Medium". It represents my voice in combination with the platform. It's imperfect, but, from my perspective it had deeper meaning & I wanted to share that opinion as a user. I believe I'm entitled to that, just as you are entitled to that. What I'm not entitled to is to expect to be right, expect anyone to agree/like it, or, to expect it to be changed.

    While I'm all for process & design thinking & quality research (believe me, I am), just as many bold, iconic & meaningful designs & logos have come from less than perfect design thinking processes. I've also borne witness to very in-depth research & design thinking that gave birth to dull, lackluster, less than user friendly designs. Design thinking & process is not a magic bullet.

    That said, I am a designer & I consider myself to be a decent one whom utilizes solid processes in work for clients. But, seriously, we as a community need to lighten up & stop being so fragile regarding criticism & even unsolicited (or for that matter) uninformed redesigns. It's a sign that we're more personally attached to our work & defensive than we need to be.

    Personal attachment, excuses about outsiders not having the understanding of the inside designer & overall defensiveness within designers simply reinforces that invisible, subconscious wall that makes listening to fresh perspectives & truly being open to user feedback that much harder.

    Thanks again for sharing your well thought out perspective!

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  • Posted to Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0, in reply to Laurens Spangenberg , Oct 09, 2015

    Not very well in some cases, I'm sure. (I'm the author btw) - But, neither does their new logo. It looks like an "N" with a choppy gradient when presented in favicon size.

    As I tried to get across in the article, this was definitely an imperfect, but, sincere exploration in finding a deeper meaning within the logo concept & starting some dialogue. I will say, some people have questioned the use of the apostrophe in being able to scale (& they may be right). That said, it seems to work swimmingly for a number of logos, such as the "Oakland A's" & "Lay's" potato chips, just to name a couple.

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  • Posted to Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0, in reply to Julian Lloyd , Oct 09, 2015

    Yep...100% My reply is here

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  • Posted to Medium New Logo & Typeface, in reply to J F , Oct 09, 2015

    Hey Jaime. I feel ya - my writing approach may not be for everyone. I simply gave my genuine opinion, while trying not to pull any punches. I truly feel the end result sucked (in my personal opinion). But, by no means did I want to imply that they didn't give it hard thought, hard work & apply a thorough process. But, they missed the mark from my perspective.

    In every design situation there will be more going on behind the scenes with stake holders & constraints that outsiders generally don't understand fully or know about. So, my critique is not fully fair, but, by the same token a user should be entitled to express their thoughts without holding back.

    Cheers, Mike

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  • Posted to The Story Behind Medium’s New Logo, Oct 08, 2015

    I'm not a big fan of the new logo. I wrote a Medium article on how much I don't like it, Lol. As well as offered an alternate logo version, based on their older one.

    "Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0":https://medium.com/@michaeljoyce/dear-medium-your-logo-sucks-here-s-v3-0-9fd26056c155

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  • Posted to Medium New Logo & Typeface, Oct 08, 2015

    I'm new at DN - so, I can't share articles in a new thread for a week:/ But, I did write a response article on Medium about their logo & my not too glowing of an opinion.

    I also came up with an alternate version, based on their original logo. Nothing amazing, but, I explain my reasoning in the article. I still like their original the best, but, I thought I'd do a different take on it to show some possibilities. Check it out if you're interested -

    "Dear Medium: Your New Logo…Sucks. Here’s v3.0":https://medium.com/@michaeljoyce/dear-medium-your-logo-sucks-here-s-v3-0-9fd26056c155

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  • Posted to AMA: Anton Zykin, CEO and Co-Founder of SFCD (formerly SoftFacade), Oct 07, 2015

    Hi Anton! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I'm curious what your take is on the future of the digital design & development agency? Is the business model broken or dying? (I've read a number of doomsday scenario articles over the past year concerning the future of the agency). Obviously, agencies that can build their own bootstrapped products for niche markets, as a side project focus outside of their client work, can potentially generate a respectable additional revenue source...but, to do that as an agency, I'd assume you'd still need a solid foundation of long term client work to pay the bills & enable that.

    Do you feel that newer entrants into the field would be better served to focus their skill set somewhere else rather than creating an agency? Or, in your opinion, is there still room for new players & is the future still looking bright?

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