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  • Posted to Nylas Pro, in reply to Michael Inglese , Apr 23, 2016

    Although at least:

    all active users before May 1st will receive 1 year of Nylas Pro for free

    That is no bait and switch. They are offering plenty of time for people to continue using it or transition away if necessary.

    I am glad to see them charging money for something that costs money to run. Charging money is not a guarantee that it will stick around. But it does indicate that they plan to run a business rather than a speculative revenue-free operation waiting to be acquired.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are some of the best typography-based 'personal' websites?, Apr 08, 2016

    http://artequalswork.com/ by Nathan Ford

    https://paulrobertlloyd.com/ by Paul Robert Lloyd

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Ix Techau , Apr 08, 2016

    I can’t address every point here, but “Men of Designer News” doesn’t seem to claim to be a list of strictly misogynist posts (although that does seem to be at the root of some of the cases).

    Most of them are anti-feminist and not very friendly, though. I read that list and think: is this a community I want to participate in?

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  • Posted to Hugo, a fast and modern static website engine, Apr 03, 2016

    Hugo looks really interesting. I am very familiar with Jekyll but I would be tempted to try Hugo or Hexo for a future project if I wanted to learn more about a different approach to static sites.

    For comparison, I believe a Jekyll site of that complexity would be about 1-5 seconds depending on complexity and plugins, and whether the new incremental feature is enabled. My own site is around that size and takes around 3 seconds to build. I am not typically bothered about build times as they are fast enough for my purposes.

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  • Posted to Pinboard's Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT, in reply to Joshua Turner , Mar 30, 2016

    Very reasonable. I agree that IFTTT is not the bad guy. They will suffer for shutting down channels though – and Pinboard is one of many.

    Maciej gets passionate about these matters, and he likes to pick fights with perceived competitors and antagonists, particularly if they are venture capital funded.

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  • Posted to Pinboard's Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT, in reply to Joshua Turner , Mar 30, 2016

    It sounds like you may be talking partly about interests of Pinboard users and not the interest of Pinboard, the business. Not that they aren’t closely connected, but if he invests $10,000 (for the sake of argument) of development time and server costs in IFTTT, is he likely to get more than that back in user subscriptions? Maybe – but I doubt it. And what if it's $20,000? He’s serious when he talks about being lazy, but the implication is that writing custom code, even for a really useful feature, costs him significant time and server resources.

    Just like IFTTT’s interest is in getting people to make APIs work with them, Pinboard’s interest is in keeping existing customers and getting new subscribers. It is possible that IFTTT support doesn’t really figure into Pinboard’s bottom line at all. He isn’t asking them to do something against their interest – they’re asking him to do something against his interest. In this article, he credited them for doing hard work in the first place in creating a connecting API, but he’s not suggesting that they should keep it going forever. In fact, he is critical of their business model and would likely suggest that they don’t keep it going. Pinboard even offers IFTTT-like Twitter archiving integration that most users probably don’t even know about.

    As a long-term Pinboard user and a long-time regular IFTTT user, I can say that I get value out of the Pinboard API every day, but I can take or leave IFTTT support. After all, Pinboard still has an API.

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  • Posted to Pinboard's Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Mar 30, 2016

    Exactly right. Pinboard is a one-person shop and already has a solid API. IFTTT worked with the Pinboard API for years and their model changed while Pinboard is still providing the same great service.

    Pinboard is a bootstrapped business with paying customers. IFTTT, unfortunately, has venture capitalists as customers so their interests do not necessarily align with the users of their service – who want an interface to an API for Pinboard and other services.

    If anyone thinks this is just about Pinboard complaining (which Maciej does love to do!), take a look at some other recent services gone from IFTTT:

    App​.​net, BuzzFeed, Campfire, Etsy, ffffound, Last​.​fm, Readability, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yammer

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Design Related Slack Channels, Mar 30, 2016

    There is a relatively new one on Design Systems (pattern libraries, style guides, and so on).

    Invites: https://designsystems.herokuapp.com

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  • Posted to Too much for a loading bar?, in reply to Eduard Giménez , Mar 21, 2016

    I looked at the compiled CSS and was shocked, but hold on a moment. Not to defend it, but it’s only 8 KB gzipped. For example, if you were to use it outside of CodePen and it were not inlined in the document head, it would not actually be as large as 79 KB.

    I agree that it is way over the top for a loading animation. Hopefully you’d never need one this slow and heavy (or at all!). I don’t think I could ever justify even 8 KB for a loading animation.

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  • Posted to Using Google AMP to build a Medium-style Jekyll site that loads in 65ms, Mar 15, 2016

    DOMContentLoaded in < ~100ms, but page load is still around (a still impressive) ~250ms on a fast connection. Not to diminish the work done here at all, any responsibly designed static site with a CDN should be able to get ~300ms load times. CDNs are fast and so is HTML or any other resource statically served.

    AMP is one way to get there, but exercising restraint and following the principles of progressive enhancement can also get you there! I just want to recommend that in case anyone is wondering how this is done: the magic of such fast load times is in a fast CDN and serving a restricted amount of content, which I highly recommend considering unless there is a good reason not to.

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