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  • Posted to Why you shouldn’t use jQuery but plain Javascript, in reply to Rasmus Eriksson , Apr 18, 2016

    That quote . Yes. Exactly.

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  • Posted to We build bland experiences with meaningful outcomes., Mar 30, 2016

    @Philip I was wondering that too until I got the bottom. Nothing in made in Baltimore is made with love.

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  • Posted to Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever, in reply to Mike Wilson , Mar 16, 2016

    Yes, that would be absurd.

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  • Posted to Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever, Mar 15, 2016

    Every website doesn't need to be ground breaking. Sometimes it just needs to get an idea across. If that means upsetting a few designers because we forget the internet is for everyone and not just us, so be it.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your favorite pen for note taking?, Jan 22, 2016

    Zebra F-701. All steel construction makes for a nice weighty feel and the impression that it will last forever, both of which are important for me.

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  • Posted to Let's STOP the "Looks good" epidemic on Dribbble, Jan 14, 2016

    It could be that we are more exposed to things that have been highly rated, shared, or are otherwise more popular on Dribbble, so most of the time what we see actually is "nice work" in the eyes of most people.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: I'm 15 years old and want a design job?, Sep 24, 2015


    I joined up just to answer your post. I designed and created my first website when I was 14, and to this day it's a point of pride. It impresses a lot of people I meet in the professional world. I don't have a college degree, but a few things help make up for that, one of them is the benefit of the experience I've been able to build by starting from such a young age. Sidenote: I am not saying it's good to avoid college, I should have gone, I was stupid not to, and you absolutely should. Point being when you start early, you have more experience than your peers on an almost constant basis if you do it right. It gives you a head start.

    It's fantastic that you want to get out there. Use that energy to build something great for yourself. My advice is to take on a lot of personal projects, be curious, figure out how things work for apps and design. Learn how to develop as well, designers who develop and vice versa are doubly valuable. There are LOADS of information available to you freely. Once you feel up to it, look on some job boards, and take on a simple job you feel confident you can complete. Get some successes under your belt.

    If this isn't manageable, which very well may be the case, assist professionals on designs, intern, compete on design competitions. Any way you can, become good enough that people will pay for what you bring to the table. Money isn't everything, but monetizing your passions can help you enjoy the thing you do for most of your waking life (your job).

    Everyone has a different path, you just have to find yours.

    Best of luck!


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