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  • Posted to CBC Website Redesign, Jul 18, 2017

    Hmmm I think they went a little crazy with the grid ... the site really lacks any visual hierarchy.

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  • Posted to The UX discipline is killing brands by being emotionless, Jul 18, 2017

    Very interesting article here on how UX is basically ignoring emotion in the design process.

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  • Posted to So such design. Many advice. Wow., Jul 10, 2017

    Just a little reminder that we are in the "business" of critique. If you can't handle it, then you chose the wrong profession. Your colleagues will critique your work, your clients will critique your work, and users will critique your work. You won't always like it – but it's going to happen anyway. Learn how to handle feedback and argue your point respectfully.

    What Eli is criticizing here isn't Framer, it a whole industry. He just focused on this as a means to argue his point. I've yet to see a solid rational argument in the other direction (not about Framers gradients, but about the Industry's penchant for promoting minor upgrades as ground-breaking). Seems like people saw who wrote the article and formed opinions without diving into the actual substance of the piece.

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), in reply to tim hicks , Apr 25, 2017

    They don't really offer explanations as to why they reject you (which I can understand given the amount of applications they get). But I do know, they prefer sites that are essentially blog that link out to products. For example if I had other pages on my site detailing how to decorate a child's room in a Space theme, and other things like that, then I might have been accepted. Plus I might have applied too early. Without driving a ton of traffic in reality they don't need my $200 a month I'd send their way.

    And I think they just dislike "catalogue" sites. Mine was curated, which at least offers some value, but I can see people abusing this and essentially rebuilding Amazon and linking out to them. It would weaken their brand.

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), Apr 24, 2017

    Well That was short lived. Amazon reviewed the site and won't allow me to be an affiliate :( Thankfully I didn't invest too much money into this website (about $20 total).

    But hey, you live and learn!

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  • Posted to Instagram Brand Guidelines, Apr 20, 2017

    To learn more make sure you click on the assets link. Much more detail hidden in there.

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), Apr 20, 2017

    SSL Update : It's finally fixed. What should really have been a simple fix proved to be a bit of a head scratcher.

    The problem... people were getting security errors on the site. Solution - Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL certificate

    Since I'm building this as cheap as possible I'm hosting it on Media Temples shared hosting. Their SSL certs are $70 a year. It was a one click solution but would eat away at the marginal profits, especially at the start. When following Media Temple's own guidelines on installing an SSL from LetsEncrypt I found myself way out of my depth in the land of Terminal, Home Brew, etc… To even generate a cert required a bunch of steps where I was essentially walking blind, just following onscreen instructions. One of MT's own commands caused me to get flagged when SSH'ed into my server, since I forgot to change a url in the command. In all it was adding up to a 2hr time sink that I'd have to repeat every 3 months. $70 was looking more and more like it would be leaving my bank account.

    Until I remembered Wordpress has a plugin for everything. As a developer I rarely rely on plugins unless used for special functionality. This was one of those occasions. Sure enough LetsEncrypt have a WP plugin. I installed it and a few clicks later my certs were generated. Easy as pie. Now to install them in Media Temple.

    In your account settings you can add an SSL to a domain. You have to manually copy in the Private Key, Cert and Chain. After grabbing the certs off the server using FPT I opened them in Sublime text and began copying and pasting in the text into MT's required fields. But no luck. I was getting errors that the Key was invalid. Totally frustrating. After a google search turned up that I might have to edit the text at the beginning and end of the Private Key to say something else I though I'd try that before pulling out my wallet. And lo and behold it worked. The SSL cert was accepted and installed. A silly 'gotcha' on Media Temple.

    Now I can finally get back to working on building the audience.

    Total Cost $0, but a whole lot of time.

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), Apr 19, 2017

    UPDATE: So I'm working on installing an SSL - Media Temple don't make it easy since they want you to buy a $70 a year one from them. Since I'm trying to make this as cost effective as possible I'll be going the painful manual route. LetEncrypt for the win (hopefully).

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), in reply to adrian io , Apr 19, 2017

    Thanks all. I can't replicate the SSL issue here on the mac but it's clearly an issue. For now I'm going to disable the Facebook like button as I suspect that's the issue.

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), in reply to Matt Rintoul , Apr 19, 2017

    I did a bit of research into this and it appears to be a Safari browser issue and not a website issue. Here's a link to learn more:

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