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  • Posted to design exercise - Small actionable improvements , in reply to James Young , Jun 19, 2018

    Some concrete suggestions from a graduate designer. Although i agree with James, it seems that there is more to be done within the existing design/information distribution before adding any more features!!

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  • Posted to Copy handoff tool in SketchApp - better collaboration between UI designers & copywriters, Jun 19, 2018

    Hi V.M, this is a cool idea and could definitely save alot of time. I'm just wondering what happens when the copy is much less or more than what is existing in the initial design. It would be awesome if the design would be responsive in that respect.

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  • Posted to UX company onboarding process, in reply to Some Designer , May 21, 2018

    That sounds familiar!

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  • Posted to Unpaid design test, in reply to Bart S , May 16, 2018

    Out of principle before i have said no as there were too many times i saw alot of people being interviewed and tested to solve problems the company were trying to solve at the time. In theory every hiring round they received a bunch of free UX/UI ideas for the product.

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  • Posted to Remote Jobs Club, May 09, 2018 does quite a good job at that. They also send out an email as newsletter which is mega helpful.

    Also I wouldn't say that all the remote jobs on the main boards are just for US citizens, i have worked a bunch of jobs based all over the world (as long as it can work with the time zones).

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  • Posted to Presenting Design Work with Intentionality, May 02, 2018

    Great article, it would be interested to know if other people have a different take on this especially in a freelance context?

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  • Posted to Stellar Base Redesign, Mar 14, 2018

    What's the title font?

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  • Posted to What's your criteria for a good portfolio , in reply to Timothy McKenna , Mar 12, 2018

    This is an awesome perspective and mega useful questions to ask.

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