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  • Posted to Drama beta is now available, Aug 01, 2019

    Looks more like a replacement for Principle rather than Sketch/Figma/XD. Will be interesting to see how the product evolves but for a first release it has a lot of great features. Hope they add components/symbols soon to make it easier to reuse elements.

    One thing that has me a little worried is that it, just like Principle and Flinto, is focused on transitions between screens. This makes it really hard to work on multiple interactions within the same screen because you end up having 10 copies of the same screen for different interactions inside the same view. This is where apps like ProtoPie really shine. Where I would have to make multiple screens to simulate multiple states/interactions inside the same screen in Principle I can just make it all in one screen in ProtoPie and if I change something in the design I just have to update one screen instead of 10 copies of the same screens (for different states).

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  • Posted to Which Mac is the best for product design?, Jul 18, 2019

    very interesting findings. I'm using a 13" MBP with an i7 and primarily use Figma because Sketch just grinds to a halt once the project becomes complex enough. But at the same time, my computer almost never gets hot enough for the fans to kick into high gear when using Sketch. The same can't be said about Figma where I have to live with the fan-noise throughout most of the workday. Thankfully there is such a thing as noise-canceling headphones :)

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  • Posted to Mercury OS Concept, May 31, 2019

    I'm interpreting this as a command line with a GUI layer. I can see the appeal of that in some cases but for the most part, it seems like it will have the same hurdles as most smart assistance. They are a bit of a black box and it's very hard to know what they can or can't do and what the correct syntax is. Having to constantly consult the "more actions" for each new application/function seems like a bit of a pain. Especially on an OS level, there are so many commands and action that you can do at any time, the list would be absolutely massive.

    Another thing that is very unclear is how you would actually access files. At some point, I will have to browse my files since most applications or functions tend to generate new files (word processors produce text files, image editors create images, etc). For example, I want to send some photos to my colleague, I have to find the photos somehow and maybe they are massive RAW files so I want to zip them. How do I find and select the photos I want to send? I can sort of imagine how the zip/compress would work but where does the resulting file end up? And after it is sent, will the zip be deleted or does it just sit somewhere on the hard drive where I can't see it?

    Sounds like a cool concept and I like the focus on flow and simplification. I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes out of this but as it stands right now, as with most concepts, the more you look at it the more questions it generates :)

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  • Posted to Sketch 53, Feb 05, 2019

    Obligatory "any crashes? Is it safe to use?" comment

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  • Posted to How did you handle transition of component's library from Sketch to Figma?, Nov 19, 2018

    I tried importing it into Figma but found that the work file became super slow. First I thought that it was Figma that was slow but I kept hearing how fast Figma was compared to Sketch so I decided to rebuild it from scratch in Figma instead. It made a huge difference in performance for some reason. Also, you probably want to restructure your components because they work differently in Figma compared to Sketch. Figma's components are more flexible and usually require fewer components to get the job done.

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, in reply to David Woolf , Oct 26, 2018

    That's what I used. The current library is now ~200MB (was around 400MB before compression). Still too much for my poor little MBP :(

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, in reply to Mike Stevenson , Oct 24, 2018

    Yeah, even the lates version. It got really bad in my current project with a lot of high res images (though I tried to optimize each image to get the sizes down) and a lot of connected libraries with a bunch of nested symbols, etc. It worked fine on my colleagues 15" (2016 or 2017) MacBook Pro but my 13"(2016) just can't keep up. In sketch it got so bad that it took close to a second between me clicking on something and it becoming highlighted. Re-did the whole project from scratch in Figma with full res images instead of scaled down images and it's sooo much more responsive and fast, I was genuinely amazed by how well it worked.

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, Oct 24, 2018

    I jump over to Figma from Sketch recently and I don't want to go back. The performance is better (at least in the projects that I have recreated in Figma) and their components system seems to work better than Sketch's. Sketch is very unreliable, all the major releases are always buggy, the performance is bad, the rendering is so-so and the damn mirror app never works. Figma is by no means perfect but it does a lot of little thing better than Sketch and that is enough for me to switch. Also, I can cut out Invision and Abstract from my toolkit and save $35/month, which is nice :)

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  • Posted to There is a higher rate of dyslexia in designers - but design tools don't have good spell check? , in reply to Marc Edwards , Jul 23, 2018

    Yeah I've sent this as a feature request to Sketch. Haven't heard from them about it. A very appreciates addition since english is not my primary language. Not that I'm that great at spelling in my primary language either.

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    I have a whole collection of backpacks, ranging from a massive 5.11 Rush 72, down to a tiny IKEA FÖRENKLA. The latter is my daily driver and has been for almost two years. It's a tiny 12L backpack that fits everything you need for the commute to work or for a short trip. It just nails the basics in a way that my other backpacks haven't been able to match and despite my best efforts to find a replacement for it, I just haven't found anything that is as practical.

    Is it waterproof? No but I've used it almost everyday for the last two years, through rain and snow, and everything was nice and dry upon arrival.

    Will it protect your laptop from a fall? Maybe. Haven't really tried :)

    Does it cost less than €20 / $23? Heck yeah it does!

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