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  • Posted to The circular design guide, Feb 22, 2017

    Someone explain me what's this as it looks like:

    Design re-branded as Design Thinking re-branded as Circular design guide.

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  • Posted to Are the UX articles you’re reading trying to sell you something?, Feb 21, 2017

    Just today I was talking with a colleague about how, at a certain extent, "design influencers" are becoming noise instead of clarity. I've already shared my opinion on this particular article here.

    I wish DN has an option to down vote stories.

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  • Posted to Facebook is a little bit different in Canada, Feb 17, 2017

    Luis, I will call you color picker from now on.

    Inconsistency at this level can't be accepted. I encourage all designers to close your Facebook accounts and spread the word across your friends and acquaintances.

    Now, sarcastic mode off.

    Luis: It's great that you cold notice the different colors, especially when both are so close. This shows that you are into details and you care about design.

    Consistency is a must for big brands with big design/development teams across different continents, but from user perspective I would say it isn't important or even noticeable since both colors are very similar to each other.

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  • Posted to Craft Freehand by InVision LABS, in reply to Stephen Olmstead , Feb 14, 2017

    Thanks Stephen. We are back to Microsoft Paint.

    Jokes aside, this is a great addition to a very good product! Looking forward the prototyping stable release!

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  • Posted to 2017 Design Trends Guide, Feb 12, 2017

    Not cool...

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  • Posted to Design Inc. UNDO LIVE with Hartmut Esslinger (Designer of the Machintosh) & Katie Dill (Airbnb), Feb 12, 2017

    Thanks for this podcast. Good interviews and despite all the fun and causal way of presenting the podcast very mature views on design and its industry.

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  • Posted to Forma card deck design, in reply to ChrisArchitec t , Jan 23, 2017

    I was not aware of that Form from Google, awesome!

    Now, being Internet so transparent and Google so big are you telling me I would be that stupid to copy them?

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  • Posted to Forma card deck design, in reply to Pawel Ludwiczak , Jan 23, 2017

    Thank you Pawel! As mentioned to Ernest, once available for purchase I'll write the link here.

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  • Posted to Forma card deck design, in reply to Ernest Ojeh , Jan 23, 2017

    Thanks Ernest. Glad you like it. My client will have this deck ready this year for sell. I will add the link here once available.

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  • Posted to This is Juventus' New Logo, Jan 17, 2017

    Everything started with Instagram...

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