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  • Posted to What are your thoughts on Kickstarter's revamp?, Nov 23, 2017

    Let's start a kickstarter project to redesign kickstarter new redesign.

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  • Posted to Helen Tran — Product Designer, in reply to Paco Lara , Nov 23, 2017

    The problem Paco is the group thinking this industry seems immersed on, every comment could be misinterpreted and people is "publicly" lynched.

    As I read it you just expressed a comment towards designers without any gender implications.

    Is it me or people is over sensitive? Maybe is a problem of societies were not everyone is respected as equals, I know both in my country and Spain people tends to treat each other in a equal way.

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  • Posted to How do you organize your folders and files for design projects?, Oct 18, 2017

    Client name - Fonts 3. -- YYYY-MM-DDProject_Name -- 01 - Assets --- documents --- images --- references ---- pictures ---- urls m -- 02 - Production -- 03 - Deliverables - Admin -- Accounting -- Deliverables

    I made an Automator workflow to keep consistent folder structure between projects. Feel free to use i in any way you need: workflow

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  • Posted to Bootstrap vs. Foundation ! Which one is best for you?, Sep 05, 2017

    Foundtrap is my choice.

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  • Posted to A critique of Clapping on Medium, Aug 22, 2017

    Soon enough we will have clap farms in India and the Philipines.

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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, in reply to Rick Khanna , Aug 21, 2017

    Generalists (I also hate the term) are usually more suitable for teams.

    Being a generalist helps work better as a team player as they can have better understanding and be empathetic to other pieces of the puzzle and do not tend to fall into their own specialization loop. By this I don't mean specialists have no empathy or understanding of other's expertise.

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  • Posted to Does UX Design Require Coding When Creating a Prototype?, Aug 15, 2017

    Not necessarily, you can use plenty of the available tools like InVision, Marvel, Flinto, etc that doesn't require code to create prototypes.

    Good luck on your prototype!

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  • Posted to Contrast — A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios, Jul 19, 2017

    Great app, also very useful. Bought it already.

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  • Posted to Lumenary – My NYC Agency's Rebrand, Jul 19, 2017

    Nice website Arix but I found a bit annoying the lack of scrolling feedback, especially when I got stucked in a section for a couple seconds, once I reached the bottom I wasn't sure it was the end or there was more content to come.

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  • Posted to The ultimate passive aggressive popup window (German KFC), Jul 12, 2017

    This reminds me the time of Angelfire, Lycos, Geocities and banana gifs where you had to be armed with zen patience to close a popup, that time when millennials were not born yet

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