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  • Posted to Slack redesigned their website, in reply to Lucas Debelder , Aug 18, 2017

    That whole paragraph is poorly written. It's like they just through all the words they wanted to say down with little craft.

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  • Posted to Lonely Planet, Aug 10, 2017

    Feels like Paypal.

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  • Posted to Why is prototyping important?, Aug 02, 2017

    I don't like it when brands use' helpful articles' to disguise marketing. Especially when the importance of prototyping is clear already to your intended audience. If you want this article to matter, target the clients of designers/developers/agencies that visit this site.

    Your subheading should read 'What is prototyping? Why should we prototype? How does it help?' loose the 's' on the end.

    And the link in this paragraph is formatted wrong:

    zipBoard helps in ensuring smooth web design collaboration among teammates as well as with clients. Try zipBoard and experience the simplest website issue tracker to help with UX feedback.

    You have it as zipBoard,co

    I've spent way too long on this comment.

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  • Posted to Taking Criticism, Jul 28, 2017

    Surely there's a in-between?

    Yeah, take feedback with a calm manner - but fight for you beliefs. Don't just roll over. If you appear to calm you may be perceived as a push-over, or worse; somebody that doesn't care.

    I'm seasoned - some might say very seasoned - but I've never lost my edge to fight for what I believe in.

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  • Posted to The Foam Page — Squish The Casper Mattress, Jul 28, 2017

    I fell asleep waiting for it to load.

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  • Posted to Mr Robot Season 3 marketing is at it again, in reply to Bruno Abatti , Jul 22, 2017

    I know.

    But I'm probably going to avoid watching it based on how poor season 2 was.

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  • Posted to Mr Robot Season 3 marketing is at it again, Jul 21, 2017

    Couldn't get past season 2. First was great though.

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  • Posted to Portfolio: Looking for feedback on personal/freelance website for branding work, Jul 13, 2017

    Website aside, You need to address some of the work.

    On Superior National there's some weird overlaying text on the blue box which reads 'stay toast and warm'.

    The kerning on most of the headlines needs addressing.

    The kerning on the Cinch logo also needs addressing.

    Skywater logo also needs a little tweak on the kerning.

    If you're putting a photo of yourself on the homepage then make it one where you're eyes are open - unless they are, if so I apologise.

    Finally, the paragraph 'As your company has grown...' kind of drags on for way more than it needs to.

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  • Posted to So such design. Many advice. Wow., in reply to Daniel De Laney , Jul 10, 2017

    Is that a fair comparison?

    A TV ad would cost thousands in terms of media buy.

    This is a simple video, on their website.

    It highlights that the software now has a vital tool in this age of gradient lovers.

    If said automotive company had existed for years without windshield wipers then they too would probably market this. Especially if it gives them a competitive edge or plays catch-up.

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  • Posted to What environment should I use to create a new portfolio website?, Jul 06, 2017

    Cargo Collective 2 has entered beta. Seems pretty comprehensive. Dare I say the best option out there.

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