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  • Posted to What are your thoughts on Kickstarter's revamp?, in reply to George Bartz , Nov 22, 2017

    I disagree, there's clear hierarchy. It's a lot more quieter than the previous site but I wouldn't say it lacked identity or hierarchy.

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  • Posted to Early Assessment of Dropbox's Rebrand, Nov 19, 2017

    When I first saw the redesign I really didn't like it.

    However, having lived with it for a while I think 90% of my issues came from the way it was initially presented.

    While not a massive fan still, it's growing on me.

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  • Posted to Helen Tran — Product Designer, Nov 13, 2017

    When the site loaded my immediate reaction was that it doesn't feel like a designers site - a little too much vanity for me. It also felt like it was one of those designers who show you no design work.

    However, once I got past that, I became impressed.

    Well thought out case studies oozing personality.

    Would have liked a little less vanity and a little more work though ;-)

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  • Posted to Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up, Nov 07, 2017

    It annoys me when one brand attacks another, especially when it's underperforming in comparison.

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  • Posted to Do you ever question being a designer or developer?, Nov 02, 2017

    Should designers question?

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  • Posted to Alternatives to Pinterest?, Nov 01, 2017 is pretty good.

    You can import from Pinterest and supports drag and drop uploads.

    It’s fairly new and lacks a big community but it shows promise.

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Matter, in reply to Josh Sanders , Oct 26, 2017

    Your first comment sums up my entire point. You build the brand out from the logo. Are you telling me that this website feels like it's born from this logo?

    There have been comments on this thread comparing the logo to Saul Bass.

    Such aesthetic hasn't been followed through.

    You're second point contradicts the your first. You build a brand out from a logo.

    If, in this instance, we say the website is a article of branding - surely it should feel like it's built from the logo.

    Would you build a house with different windows? You wouldn't. You'd look for some sort of synergy. The website and logo do not do this.

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Matter, in reply to Jeremy Swinnen , Oct 25, 2017

    Good elaborating Scott.

    Those were my exact thoughts.

    Apologise Jeremy for my unconstructive criticism.

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Matter, Oct 25, 2017

    Your logo doesn't match the aesthetic of your site.

    The animations are nice and they layout works but the logo just jars with it all.

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Dixon & Moe, Oct 24, 2017

    I like it. The tone feels very precise and technical. It has echoes of

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