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Nice Shoes

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  • Posted to Mr Robot Season 3 marketing is at it again, in reply to Bruno Abatti , Jul 22, 2017

    I know.

    But I'm probably going to avoid watching it based on how poor season 2 was.

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  • Posted to Mr Robot Season 3 marketing is at it again, Jul 21, 2017

    Couldn't get past season 2. First was great though.

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  • Posted to Portfolio: Looking for feedback on personal/freelance website for branding work, Jul 13, 2017

    Website aside, You need to address some of the work.

    On Superior National there's some weird overlaying text on the blue box which reads 'stay toast and warm'.

    The kerning on most of the headlines needs addressing.

    The kerning on the Cinch logo also needs addressing.

    Skywater logo also needs a little tweak on the kerning.

    If you're putting a photo of yourself on the homepage then make it one where you're eyes are open - unless they are, if so I apologise.

    Finally, the paragraph 'As your company has grown...' kind of drags on for way more than it needs to.

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  • Posted to So such design. Many advice. Wow., in reply to Daniel De Laney , Jul 10, 2017

    Is that a fair comparison?

    A TV ad would cost thousands in terms of media buy.

    This is a simple video, on their website.

    It highlights that the software now has a vital tool in this age of gradient lovers.

    If said automotive company had existed for years without windshield wipers then they too would probably market this. Especially if it gives them a competitive edge or plays catch-up.

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  • Posted to What environment should I use to create a new portfolio website?, Jul 06, 2017

    Cargo Collective 2 has entered beta. Seems pretty comprehensive. Dare I say the best option out there.

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  • Posted to What's the best free GIF creation tool for Mac?, in reply to Trev Morris , Jul 04, 2017

    I agree, but OP asked for 'the best free' GIF creator.

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  • Posted to Waze Carpool by ueno, Jun 27, 2017

    hmmm, what security measures are there?

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  • Posted to What's the first thing you look for in a portfolio?, Jun 27, 2017

    Your name.

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  • Posted to Now I'm in deep shit, Jun 24, 2017

    Be prepared to take a job outside of the industry. Look for something that allows you to build your portfolio in you're free time.

    You'll need an income to fund interviews, software and of course utilities. Plus, not working within the industry will allow you to appreciate how good it can be. And if that doesn't give you the boot up the arse youre looking for.

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  • Posted to Best Font Manager for Mac, Jun 18, 2017

    If you're serious; Font Xplorer.

    I've tried them all. Font Xplorer is the best by a country mile.

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