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  • Posted to Ask DN : How to adopt a Design System?, in reply to Vincent Ngu , Jan 02, 2018

    Just curious, what made you guys start with MD instead of something else?

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  • Posted to adJelly — Downloadable Sketch Packs for Social Media Ad Sizes, Aug 10, 2016

    George, your profile leads to a 404. What's going on?

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  • Posted to The Apple Goes Mushy Part I: OS X's Interface Decline (Introduction), in reply to Winzie Howard , Jul 25, 2016

    Hm.. just to play devil's advocate on this particular comment, I would say that the leather look & feel of the Reminders app was a reference to physical carry-sized notebooks, probably something of a 'classier' executive/business styling.

    For Find My Friends, the reference there was to more of a picnic-style motif -- almost "summer campy", if you will. The thought being an outdoors outing with family/friends.

    Not saying I prefer these looks, just thoughts from where I personally see the creative origins stemming from.

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  • Posted to Which UX Prototyping App is best?, in reply to Josh McKenzie , Jun 20, 2016

    Thanks for the writeup!

    Maybe I'm not well-versed enough on this but I thought responsive design is basically switching layouts at certain breakpoints in browser sizing?

    What would be the next best prototyping tool for desktop apps/websites?

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  • Posted to Which UX Prototyping App is best?, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Jun 20, 2016

    I did a 'find on page' for 'axure' and had 0 results.

    I use Sketch as my main design program. I know it doesn't play as nicely as, say, Invision, but my needs/wants are:

    • prototyping desktop apps (not flashy mobile stuff), with some responsiveness
    • at least a way to do some interactive elements, not just stitching images together for transitions
    • auto-documentation in Axure looks to be a great value, even if you have to do some manual editing to get it right
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  • Posted to Which UX Prototyping App is best?, Jun 20, 2016

    Why is Axure not considered?

    I work on apps/websites that are mostly used/viewed on desktop computers - is Axure the best choice for this or something else?

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  • Posted to The New iOS Lock Screen, in reply to Powers Gray , Jun 20, 2016

    Something is majorly wrong there and you should probably take it to a store or something. I sincerely doubt the majority of users are having problems like yours where it barely works.

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  • Posted to The New iOS Lock Screen, in reply to Powers Gray , Jun 15, 2016

    "It barely works as-is."

    I'm all for critique but exaggerations like this is borderline whining.

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  • Posted to Apple’s latest Siri feature: Search, Drag, Steal, in reply to Tareq Ismail , Jun 15, 2016

    True but it's a slideshow/presentation about a personal trip. Not a work document.

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  • Posted to Sparkle for Mac, May 10, 2016

    Is this something professional front-end developers can use even if they already know how to code? Let's say even for heavy-ish web apps like a gmail or something? For example, use Sparkle to lay out the design and foundation and then go into the code afterwards to apply all the custom javascript hooks, etc?

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