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Matthew Ortega

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  • Posted to How do you best market yourself as a freelancer?, in reply to Eythan D'Amico , May 11, 2017

    Agreed, I definitely don't find the time to be able to manage all of those side projects, maybe 1 or 2, but they can easily grow out of control. Hiring people might be a good way to go for that, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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  • Posted to Affinity Photo for Windows and big update to Mac version launched today, Dec 08, 2016

    After trying this out, I think this is the nail in the Adobe coffin for me. Actually thinking of canceling my subscription. Thank god! This where Adobe should be right now, unfortunately they are just collecting cash.

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  • Posted to Sketch Runner, Apr 22, 2016

    Loving this plugin.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Can we end the title Full-stack Designer before it starts?, in reply to Jim Silverman , Jan 19, 2016

    True. I suppose it is some type of progress.

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  • Posted to Webflow CMS, in reply to Ashraf Ali , Aug 25, 2015

    I just switched to Kirby, and I think for small sites I will never go back to wordpress. Check it out.

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  • Posted to Does anyone know of Designer Travel Exchange programs?, in reply to Artiom Dashinsky , Apr 09, 2015

    Anything that would get me on the road, even volunteer projects would be cool.

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  • Posted to Shine. Redefined. - Bohemian Coding, Mar 21, 2014

    Just took on my first project trying to use only sketch, and it was the first time in a while that the program I use seemed to help instead of hinder my process. The next step is convince clients to accept Sketch files as deliverables, since I've only seen resistance until now. Hopefully Sketch 3 will set a new standard.

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  • Posted to Black&Decker Rebrand, Jan 31, 2014

    This kind of makes sense when you consider the audience of their home appliance product line. But the success of the new design is questionable.

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