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  • Posted to InVision V7 | Updates for 2018, Dec 12, 2017

    Very much looking forward to speed improvements. The rest is a bit meh for our use case, but is this delivers on performance it will a very welcome update.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Huge, Dec 11, 2017

    Does a good job of capturing Huge's personality. I'm sure their clients would recognise what they know & love about the company in it. I fear however few will get past the homepage as the navigation is completely undiscoverable. Bounce rate on the homepage must be sky-high. Have the nav open when landing and collapse on scroll.

    Echo the dislike of scroll-jacking, but it makes the kind of big brand impact their clients will want to see. It has a limited target audience who they're trying to wow. Impressive speed!

    Case study carrousels? Let me scroll please. One way ticket to ensuring most of your work is never seen.

    I like how everything is HUGE :) Looks pretty gorgeous though.

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  • Posted to Best alternative to the magic mouse?, Sep 11, 2017

    Have you tried different Wacom pen setups? I have button 1 to be pan/scroll - so it's really fast to move around. Button 2 is set to right click. Tap is obviously left click.

    Past setups have included just using a modifier key to pan/scroll and having the two buttons a double & right click.

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  • Posted to Starting an agency can be hard - why do we do it?, Jun 21, 2017

    On this episode Jon & Dan take a listener question. Steve Cowburn writes in to ask:

    “Why do people start their own companies, given that the rewards and workload can be tough? What is that 'certain something' that we get out of doing it for ourselves?”

    To answers Steve’s questions, Jon & Dan cover the following topics:

    • What was the initial decision process in starting our agencies - what led us to take the plunge?
    • What was the turning point where it first felt like a business and an agency?
    • Working on our first ‘product’ and finding our niche
    • What were the first things that began to highlight how hard it can be to run a business
    • Doing the first business activities as new founders
    • Who did we look towards as inspiration - who could we learn from?
    • What was our fallback plan?
    • Business and personal milestones that forced us to make decisions
    • Hiring the first employee
    • What do rewards do we get from it personally
    • What are the purely financial rewards?
    • Working hard and what you need to put in
    • If for some reason we no longer had our companies, what would we do next?

    Listen to the episode now

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  • Posted to Managing productivity and feeling productive running a design agency - Perspective FM, Apr 28, 2017

    This week Jon is joined by Dan to talk about how we manage your time and feel productive while running our agencies. It’s a hard thing to quantify and we feel every business and person running them are different. But we talk about what works for us, along with what doesn’t.

    In this episode they discuss:

    - How the problems changes as you begin to scale

    - Various tools we use to manage team

    - Abiding by systems or not?

    - Understand what you have achieved rather than not achieved

    - Tracking your activity and productivity

    - Email etiquette, and when to allow it in

    - Meetings; good or bad?

    - Coming away feeling good

    - Diversifying task types and being realistic

    Listen now

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  • Posted to Selling the value of design to clients, in reply to Daniel Golden , Mar 07, 2017

    My father's name, but no relation ;)

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  • Posted to Selling the value of design to clients, Mar 06, 2017

    This week Jon is joined by Dan to talk about how to sell the value of the design process to clients. If you’re working with clients who don’t understand the value of design or simply don’t have any experience working with a design team, how do you communicate the value your design process can bring? The benefit of doing this well can mean:

    • the project will run better
    • the communication is easier
    • the decisions you make are understood and respected
    • everyone enjoys the process
    • the end result is likely to be more successful
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  • Posted to Making a distributed product team work - an interview with Hanno, Jan 16, 2017

    This week Jon is joined by Matthew Lenzi of Hanno - a globally distributed product design agency. Hanno are quite unique in the way that they run their business; a distributed team working around the world using a forward-thinking vision of 'how companies should work in the future'. They’re living the dream sold to us by the level of communication offered by the internet - something that’s quite unique and I’ve not seen anyone else do as successfully before. We talk about how they got started and made this model a success.

    In this episode they cover:

    • The history of Hanno; how it formed and how the idea of using a distributed team model came from.
    • Using regular company retreats to work/be together in person.
    • Daily communication technique, such as: PPP - plans, progress & problems.
    • Working around the clock in different timezones.
    • Using ‘pods’ of team members on projects.
    • Letting everyone choose where and when they work, and how much they get paid.
    • Pairing up remotely by planning around people's schedules.
    • Over communicating.
    • Introverted and extroverted personalities in distributed teams.
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  • Posted to Any Web Designers Sharing Work On Instagram? Does It Help You Gain Clients? , Jan 06, 2017

    Have friends who run graphic design agencies that find it useful to promote work this way, especially successful for packaging jobs. As a UX design agency we find it more useful to post culture/team shots, behind the scenes stuff. Don't expect to ever get work directly or even have clients follow you - mostly aimed at peers and promoting general brand awareness activity. Definitely would not spend a large amount of time on Instagram, it's a luxury if you can find the time in my opinion, but a good string to add to your social media bow if you can justify it.

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  • Posted to Giving your design business more structure with processes & systems, Oct 19, 2016

    This week Jon is joined by Brad Flowers from BullHorn Creative - a brand & communication strategy agency in Kentucky USA. Brad and his fellow directors have been making changes to how they run their business, inspired by meeting folks at peer groups and studying business books. This inspiration has helped provide them with a more solid foundation for growth and stability. In this episode Jon and Brad go over this experience, and share how anyone else can do the same.

    In this episode they cover

    • Focus on working more on your business than in your business.
    • Adapting and assigning roles to individuals as you grow.
    • Having accurate data to be able to make informed business decisions.
    • Understanding your core values of your business - why you exist.
    • Using peer groups to share experiences and learn from others locally.

    Listen now & read show notes

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