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  • Posted to Most website redesigns are a waste of money. What sets successful ones apart?, Sep 21, 2017

    Saved you a click: "Most badly done redesigns are a waste of money"

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, What's your typical day like?, in reply to Ben Howdle , Sep 19, 2017

    I read that in cockney

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  • Posted to “The Notch” and CSS, in reply to lkemrtgh - , Sep 19, 2017

    to you

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, What's your typical day like?, Sep 19, 2017
    • 06:00 - 08:00 - Wake up, spend whole time trying to get son to brush teeth and get ready for school. Walk dog and have a coffee.
    • 08:00 - Run to work - 5-10miles
    • 09.30 - Get to work, change, read some emails, be amazed at everyone else's chi morning of chilling listening to meditation podcasts and stuff.
    • 12.00 - How in the name of shit have I only replied to a few emails and it's lunchtime?!
    • 12.30 - Some uninspiring lunch done
    • 15.30 - Team daily 15 min standup call starts, how in the name of shit is it already that time and I've only replied to a few other emails since lunch?!
    • 16.15 - End of the 15 minute daily team standup call
    • 16.30 - Run home - 5-8 miles wondering how I only managed to get through some admin and reply to emails and perhaps 5 minutes of design or dev in there.
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  • Posted to iPhone X, in reply to Arthur Simon , Sep 13, 2017

    I heard that they raised the price today by $50.


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  • Posted to Method, in reply to Jérémie Baboukhian , Sep 09, 2017

    Epic feedback bro!

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  • Posted to The Case for why Goodreads should have a redesign concept., Sep 08, 2017

    As a company, High Contrast say they spent:

    72 design hours 3 creative directions hours 8 account management hours 4 copywriting hours

    on this redesign concept, this seems to transcend "just for fun redesign" project and moves into the realms of marketing pitch or promo material investment.

    I'm not massively bothered about the redesign, it looks nice enough but I don't use the product so can't say if it's an improvement but I'd love to know a little more about how this sort of investment by a company pays off in terms of promotion or lead generation (or whatever).

    Is anyone from High Contrast able to provide a little more insight into that? I'd love to read about the results of this sort of this sort of work.

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  • Posted to How and why do you use Dribbble?, in reply to Lucas Debelder , Sep 06, 2017

    Yeah, there's a bit of a mixed bag there for sure. I don't really curate it much so it's literally stuff I'm working on right now a lot of the time.

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  • Posted to What Happens to Your Body During 8 Hours of Sleep?, Sep 06, 2017

    This is just an ad for a bed company.

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  • Posted to How and why do you use Dribbble?, Sep 05, 2017

    I've had a dribbble profile for a few years and largely speaking I only post snippets (screenshots, photos, sketches etc) of the stuff I'm working on and to be honest I wonder why I bother these days.

    Sometimes I find it helpful posting a screen with some detail about what I'm doing and asking for specific feedback and I've had some helpful comments but nothing I couldn't get from Twitter friends tbh.

    Work leads from my account since signing up in 2011 (jesus where did the time go?!) have totalled ZERO. I guess it's an indication that I'm not uploading the "right" type of work in progress shot.

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