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  • Posted to Visual Idiot retires from the industry, Aug 18, 2018

    Sad to hear it got to such a point but I can't help feeling jaded by the state of the internet these days and that's as a 41 year old white middle class man so I can't begin to imagine what a cesspit it must be for so many others.

    Loved Charlotte's work as visualidiot in the past, on point so often but can't say as I'd blame the decision to step away and wish nothing but the best for the new direction in life.

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  • Posted to A list of lightweight [versions of] websites without all the bloat, Aug 01, 2018

    Sydney Morning Herald seems to be an outlier, their homepage was anywhere between 2-300 requests and is 2.2-3mb in size.

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  • Posted to a digital agency has stolen time tracker's web design. has your work ever been stolen? have you unknowingly used other people's work? discuss!, Jul 30, 2018


    Been inspired by others - sure, followed design trends and styles - yep.

    I've seen similar rips like this in the past and they've nearly always been the result of the company outsourcing design work and unwittingly getting a rip back from some 3rd party supplier without knowing.

    As they market themselves as an SEO agency rather than digital and combined with the poor copy this might well be the case.

    Either way, I'm not sure they need calling out in a Medium article when getting in touch with them might be a more reasonable first step (you don't mention if you've done this) to tell them and point it out before calling on all their clients to check what they've supplied.

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  • Posted to Could Your Brand Asset Software Be Much Simpler?, Jul 30, 2018

    I can't help but think Pilcro articles are becoming the new Toptal on here.

    If you're only pushing your own product people will stop listening.

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  • Posted to Increasing our conversion rate 500% — Part 2, in reply to Ariel Verber , Jul 27, 2018

    This was basically my first thought ..

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  • Posted to Increasing our conversion rate 500% — Part 2, Jul 27, 2018

    These articles could do with some stats and proof to show a little more depth because it's pretty easy to blast out a "500% increase" claim in a couple of promotional articles and point to a couple of reasonably common design methods to streamline landing pages.

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  • Posted to React for designers course by Design+Code, Jul 25, 2018

    We do lots of React work these days and it always seems to be something I should get a little more involved with when it comes to prototyping etc but I've felt the learning curve would probably be too steep for me - has anyone actually done the course and what's it like getting to grips with it?

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  • Posted to Site Design: Emergence, Jul 23, 2018

    That is sensational. Those illustrations are brilliant.

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  • Posted to The Beginner's Resource To Insurance For Freelancers, Jul 19, 2018

    I love what Ashley's been doing with Jack and while it's not necessarily a glamorous or exciting field it's something a lot of folks really should take a look at.

    Also, she's great if you have any questions or need help so well worth checking out.

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