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  • Posted to Ask DN: How important is reading as a creative person?, May 18, 2019

    It's actually a hole. Get smart friends to do the curation for you. I used to sit in front of Google reader when that was still a thing and I read everything.

    You will become the information Don and everybody will use you. Take it from me, stop this stupid habit; it is a time vampire.

    I'm sure you have ideas about why it's not. Not here to even have a discussion about it. I'm 36 now. In my experience, that one thing you read will not change a thing. Just do. Stop reading. You have enough.

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  • Posted to Teenager’s UX: Designing for Teens, Mar 24, 2019

    Their reading skills are not good and they can't pay attention.

    Basically the response to this should be stop this. But let's go on and see how dumb we can possibly make people.

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  • Posted to I've collected data and analyzed why +100 startups have failed, Feb 26, 2019

    wasn't this called the startup genome project some years ago? What happened to that?

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  • Posted to Talks on Design Leadership, in reply to Frédéric Audet , Jan 15, 2019

    I'm looking for some leadership right now at Grin. Google Mimblewimble and click news. I will write a post on it today and publish here tomorrow, but you can come now. It just launched and you will be one of the few designers there with me. I am fighting for our home there. You know how it is with engineer dominated spaces. And these are the most brilliant people in the space. Everybody will come to Grin. You can help me with the culture there. We must have the best everything. If interested, jump into Gitter > Grin/design. Come support my argument and lets balance them out so we can bring this to the world.

    I am the second biggest critic of Grin. The fact that I joined is amazing to me. I know what the issues are, and that is why we need everybody to come. Talk soon. PM me on Gitter. Do not miss this. It is not cryptocurrency Moon Lambo bullshit. This is third generation bitcoin by some original people who created it. This is their second attempt at creating digital cash. You can be there at the beginning. See you there.

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  • Posted to Is Design Valuable?, Jan 06, 2019

    Design conveys a sense of legitimacy. Without it, you cannot fake it till you anything.

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  • Posted to Does vertical rhythm actually make text more legible? Has it been proven?, Oct 18, 2018

    Dude, I don't use any of this bullshit and my garbage looks like crap.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Favourite computer game you've played over the past year or two?, in reply to Jenni Pinto , Oct 18, 2018

    Jenni, this is a very old comment. It says 4 years ago. What are you doing? ;)

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  • Posted to How do you describe the benefit of UX design?, May 03, 2018

    "The experience is the design..." (hold strait face). (say nothing else).

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  • Posted to I need to find a good little design studio. What the hell should I do?, in reply to Dirk HCM van Boxtel , Oct 10, 2017

    I know. totally unavoidable. I would take the job myself, but I don't do design work for friends.

    Re: design aesthetic. That's exactly how I designed her original book cover, which never got used. They used something somebody whipped up in microsoft paint. I am pretty sure it was done in house by Harper Collins. Mine was so much better!!!

    Anyway, she's so far removed from that world now. So far. Walking a very selfless path. Whatever she does next will likely be huge and consequential.

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  • Posted to I need to find a good little design studio. What the hell should I do?, in reply to Shammer Diaz , Oct 10, 2017

    Thanks, Shammer. Going to have a look at all of these tonight.

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