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  • Posted to Do you use Adobe Illustrator for your UI design work?, in reply to Florian Grau , Jul 27, 2018

    LOL. I guess when Ps was the only benchmark, you'll be impressed by anything.

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  • Posted to Do you use Adobe Illustrator for your UI design work?, Jul 24, 2018

    I used it instead of Ps as a primary UI design tool about 7 or 8 years ago.

    I loved it, so light and fast. At the time I was a black sheep, no-one touched it for UI, now of course we have vector UI design tools such as Sketch that are so much better.

    Would I use it for core UI design now? No way. I still love it for non-ui vector work such as icons and logos though!

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  • Posted to I'm Spenser, your new community manager!, Jul 06, 2018

    Great to hear. Good luck in your new role Spenser!

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  • Posted to GoDaddy changes its logo, Jul 05, 2018

    Check your kerning team G>o vs D>a>d

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  • Posted to The Most Hated UI & UX Pattern of 2018, in reply to James Lane , Jul 03, 2018

    Dark UX patterns at work here. Just a few common observations:

    • No formal option to opt-out
    • Close icons that don't work
    • Obtrusive overlays that deliberately obscure content forcing the user to opt-in

    Struggling to see how this has benefitted the user, by introducing a formality of clicking "yes" and hence an extra layer of friction.

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  • Posted to The Most Hated UI & UX Pattern of 2018, Jul 03, 2018

    GDPR cookie agreement popups. Especially with a faux close icon.

    Really, is there any contest here?

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  • Posted to Whats your favorite Crypto/Blockchain Website?, Jun 19, 2018

    I've always liked the work from https://thecodeine.com/

    In particular Golem https://golem.network/

    And Lisk did a nice launch earlier this year ;)

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  • Posted to Booking.com design exercise - Small actionable improvements , Jun 19, 2018

    Some solid suggestions! Interviewing is very much a game, you have to avoid getting attached to a potential role and get yourself out there. You don't win them all.

    As someone who hires and looks at candidate approaches, I would suggest, when faced with a task such as this, two parts to a presentation:

    1. Actionable, objective or evidence-based improvements to the existing interface.
    2. Something that throws out the current interface entirely (be brave) and makes the interviewer think completely differently.

    This proves you can think along the lines of current best practice (1) and be a valuable asset for future reform and transformation (2).

    Congratulations on your new role. Sounds like you bagged a winner.

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  • Posted to Open and inspect XD files anywhere, Jun 19, 2018

    I knew this would be Photopea before I even opened the thread

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  • Posted to The Guardian's beautiful guide to every player at the World Cup 2018, Jun 06, 2018

    Kinda feels like they crammed a microsite's worth of content onto a single page.

    Some pleasing graphics though...

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