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Dirk HCM van Boxtel

Community Staff Sydney Australia & the Netherlands Waldorf & Statler @ the balcony (creative & digital strategy) Joined about 4 years ago via an invitation from Dave T.

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, What's your typical day like?, in reply to Interested Curious , Sep 20, 2017

    I didn't mention that I play basketball, video games, manage online communities, and, you know, have holidays and weekends where I hang out with friends, go to events, etc.

    Seemed irrelevant when asking for a "typical" day.

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  • Posted to Framer Effects — Endless new ways to use Framer for visual design, in reply to Jorn van Dijk , Sep 20, 2017

    I read that in the deepest, most devil-like voice you could ever imagine.

    ... in fact, did you edit your post? Could've sworn it ended with "Mwuhahahahaha!".


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  • Posted to Marvel Handoff, in reply to Aaron Wears a hat , Sep 20, 2017

    And critical is fine! Just have something to back it up with in the same breath!

    Pointing at a problem is easy. Handing people a solution as well is the cool part :]

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  • Posted to Marvel Handoff, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Sep 20, 2017

    Or maybe you're misreading my comment. Which is exactly my point. You made a fairly sweeping statement in saying they steal everything they do. Since that's all you said in your initial comment, outsiders can interpret that as hyperbole.

    It's not about what you say - it's about how you'll be interpreted.

    Anyway, just trying to show a different perspective. Take it as you will!

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  • Posted to Marvel Handoff, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Sep 19, 2017

    Opinion all you want! It's just that it doesn't always paint a very flattering portrait amongst your peers when a post isn't quite nuanced enough to escape torch & pitchfork territory :)

    Heck, some here might even become future employers or business partners of yours - might be worth keeping in mind!

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, What's your typical day like?, Sep 19, 2017

    Get up, get to work.

    • Check email / respond to everything / knock out quick-wins
    • Project work
    • Go home, buy food, make/eat
    • Scour the interwebs

    Sleep repeat.

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  • Posted to “The Notch” and CSS, in reply to Onur Senture , Sep 17, 2017

    That's the spirit!

    No it's not.

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  • Posted to The All-New Guide to CSS Support in Email by Campaign Monitor, Sep 15, 2017

    Initial reaction: NOOOOOOOO!!! It used to be so easy :(

    You'd just look at the left hand side, or press ctrl+f and start typing the name, and you'd see everything you needed.


    • Looks like you dropped the table model because there's too many client types. Just because the table is getting too big, doesn't mean you should drop the format. There are other solutions (only show relevant dimensions? example: only the "doesn't work in [x]", drop the "works in [x]")

    • I have to scroll within the content of one dropdown because it is taller than my screen, causing me to not be able to see what I'm looking at anymore (terrible for quick referencing or back-and-forthing between windows)

    • I used to be able to (in one go) see the support for multiple properties in the blink of an eye. padding-left, padding-top, padding-[etc] for example. Now I have to click "padding left", scroll down, scroll back up, click the next one, scroll down, click the next one, scroll down, click the next one, scroll down.

    • The dropdowns are very slow for a quick reference chart

    • I don't know how, but I at some point managed to break the dropdowns. Couldn't quickly recreate, terribly sorry as I would've loved to give more meaningful feedback on this particular one.

    I'm very sorry but I won't be using this chart. It's just too much hassle. You went from "everything available at a single scroll" to ... this.

    I really am sorry, because that table of yours was LEGENDARY, and I can see effort went into this solution.

    .edit: litte bit of extra context; when I saw the title of this message, I got genuinely, for real, REALLY excited. I honestly love CM and the way information on crafting awesome email is shared so openly. Both CM and Mail Chimp have always been huge influences on my own design decision-making. And this kinda ... well it kinda made me sad :(

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  • Posted to Sublime Text 3, in reply to Matt Rothenberg , Sep 14, 2017

    Here, you've dropped this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯\

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  • Posted to How and why do you use Dribbble?, in reply to Johan Netzler , Sep 05, 2017


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