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  • Posted to Gravit Designer 3.2 with Symbols is here, in reply to Kenneth Jensen , Oct 13, 2017

    Ok. I guess I just assumed that, given the post title (“Gravit Designer 3.2 with Symbols is here”). But, I see your point!

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  • Posted to Why is my dribbble shot not popular?, Oct 12, 2017

    Any tips?


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  • Posted to Will visual web development change the landscape of web design?, in reply to Matt Castillo , Oct 11, 2017

    Yep. The idea of visual coding gets recycled every few years in a different form. Dreamweaver is a perfect example — it was the easiest way to build tables (remember those?). But, it was pretty bad at everything else, and once you know how to hand code HTML and CSS, it’s unlikely you’d use Dreamweaver in the visual editor mode, or maybe at all.

    But, I do see a place for working visually. Squarespace is good for many things. MailChimp and Campaign Monitor’s visual editors are also great. Again, for certain tasks.

    The low end or mainstream works so well when things made more accessible, but it comes at the cost of the result and what’s possible. Both are good. Neither are going away any time soon.

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  • Posted to Tesla Model 3 UI: Everything Controlled from the Touchscreen, Sep 27, 2017

    I feel the opposite of most comments here. I really like the idea and execution. I’ve been in a Model S and Model X, and I liked the interior and touchscreen UI of those, too.

    I am not worried about the windshield wiper button — I believe the Model 3 has a rain sensor hardware, and automatic wipers can come in a software update.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to call this the best car infotainment system the world has ever seen. There is a very good chance parts of the Model 3 have gone too far. The spartan interior, and all controls being driven by the touch screen will likely be fine for many things, but not fine for others. I like that Tesla is pushing cars forward, and I think the Model 3 represents the future better than any other car on the market.

    If you imagine a future where the driver does less, this makes perfect sense. I know there’s disagreements about when level 5 autonomy will happen, but even if you consider it to be within the next decade, the Model 3 makes sense.

    This reminds me of the discussion around hardware keyboards, when the iPhone was launched. Yes, there’s trade-offs, but maybe the positives outweigh them.

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  • Posted to Sketch App: Gradient Shadow like on Grabient hovers?, Sep 26, 2017

    If you make a separate layer for the shadow (rather than using a shadow layer effect), you can do it.

    1. Draw a rectangle.
    2. Fill it with the gradient you’d like to use.
    3. Duplicate it, and move the duplicate underneath.
    4. Enable Gaussian Blur for the layer, and set the amount to a suitable value.
    5. Maybe also lower the layer’s opacity.

    I think that gives the result you’re after.

    Image here

    Sketch file here

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  • Posted to Pocket Casts Web Player v2, Sep 26, 2017
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  • Posted to - Learn to design & code for iOS 11, Sep 26, 2017

    Pre-ordered, entirely because the header image is cool.

    (Yeah, yeah, also excited for the actual videos and other info.)

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  • Posted to Was Sketch designed on Figma / Figma designed on Sketch? , in reply to Christian Krammer , Sep 25, 2017

    It’s all going really well. I’m so happy with everything we’ve done so far. There’s still a fair bit left to do before we can release a beta though. We don’t yet have an ETA for the beta — we’re doing everything to ensure it’s good, and want it to be ready for people to use on production artwork from day one.

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  • Posted to Was Sketch designed on Figma / Figma designed on Sketch? , Sep 25, 2017

    I could be wrong, but I think the initial versions of Sketch were designed using Fireworks, until they could use Sketch.

    Photoshop is designed in Photoshop. I’m not sure about Illustrator. It’s probably possible to work a lot of this out from the assets, because certain tools have prominent characteristics.

    (Related: Skala was initially designed in Ai and Ps.)

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  • Posted to Designing Websites for iPhone X, in reply to Norm Sheeran , Sep 25, 2017

    Sure, but why not just include a full width top and/or bottom bezel at a reduced height this year, and remove it when that’s technically possible? Those ears don’t add any benefit. They do add headaches though. Lots and lots of headaches for web and native developers.

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