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  • Posted to The Original Kindle Was Crazy, in reply to Ben Oliver , Aug 10, 2019

    Cost saving?

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  • Posted to The birth of Inter: How the new open-source typeface used by GitHub and Mozilla came to be, Aug 10, 2019

    Inter is great. It’s really good to see it continue to be used in a wide variety of places.

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  • Posted to Stop Misusing Toggle Switches, in reply to anthony thomas , Aug 10, 2019

    Your “incorrect” switches for selection image looks like lots of Apple’s UI, across many of their built-in apps. It’s not incorrect at all.

    The guidelines you provided do not prove your case that switches and checkboxes can be used interchangeably.

    iOS has switches. macOS has checkboxes. Platforms have conventions.

    You're looking at it wrong. There is no "better interface pattern," it's a matter of context and user expectations.

    You are recommending people use checkboxes on iOS, but THERE IS NO CHECKBOX UI WIDGET ON iOS.

    Just because two different controls have the same function doesn't mean they can be used willy nilly.


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  • Posted to Stop Misusing Toggle Switches, in reply to anthony thomas , Aug 09, 2019

    I still don’t agree with that. Switches and checkboxes are effectively identical from a behaviour standpoint. They turn a thing off or on.

    There is no claim that the result will be instant, but realtime feedback is generally preferable for both. There is no claim that the effect is local or global. Both represent state.

    You may need to think a bit deeper about why UISwitch was invented for the original iPhone — it provided a larger hit target to make it easier to tap, and it also introduced an interaction that’s enjoyable for multitouch devices.

    Here’s what the iOS design guidelines have to say:

    A switch is a visual toggle between two mutually exclusive states—on and off.

    Here’s what the Material Design guidelines have to say:

    Switches toggle the state of a single setting on or off. They are the preferred way to adjust settings on mobile.

    To be even more clear, the example on the right below does not follow the iOS guidelines. Guidelines can be broken, but it definitely shouldn’t be presented as the better interface pattern.

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  • Posted to Stop Misusing Toggle Switches, Aug 09, 2019

    For example, a common mistake is to use switches for search filters. The filters only apply to the context of search, not to the entire system. Therefore, the proper selection controls to use are checkboxes, not switches.

    There is no native checkbox in iOS. It is UISwitch.

    If a screen requires users to press a button to apply an effect, switches are the wrong controls to use.

    Says who?

    Not sure I can agree with this article.

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  • Posted to Gerry - A font created from congressional districts, in reply to Marek L , Aug 05, 2019

    You’d have to ask the author(s), but I assume it’s to draw attention to the problem with gerrymandering.

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  • Posted to The Art of Warez, in reply to Jamie Martin , Aug 02, 2019

    Whoa! That’s so awesome. I was never into the ANSI scene, because I didn’t have a PC, but so much of this video brings back memories.

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  • Posted to Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects are ready for macOS Catalina. XD? Scheduled for end of summer 2019., Aug 01, 2019

    Correction: XD is actually ready for macOS Catalina now.

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  • Posted to Top 10 most deadly CSS mistakes made by new and experienced designers, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Jul 30, 2019

    I think it largely depends on the situation and what’s required. For a complex nav, a totally different version might be smart. For a page with an article and a sidebar? I’m all for just overriding some CSS with a media query. YMMV.

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  • Posted to Top 10 most deadly CSS mistakes made by new and experienced designers, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Jul 30, 2019

    When would using   to center something ever be an acceptable solution?

    And I agree, flexbox and grid are very well supported now, and should likely be part of your main layout tools.

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