Aaron Wears Many Hats

Aaron Wears Many Hats

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  • Posted to 2018 Logo Trends - Bill Gardner, LogoLounge, in reply to Justin Dagnall , Mar 14, 2019

    Thanks for trawling back in time ten months to mention this about the article here.

    I notice you're one of the vote spammers, keep up the good work I guess

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  • Posted to UX/UI Design Trends: What’s In Store for Us in 2019?, Mar 11, 2019

    These 'trends', if you can call them as such, are not unique to 2019. More like the last two decades of web development. Personalisation in the text copy? "Purposeful" animation? Hero images for landing pages... You could probably replace '2019' in the headline here to [any real number between 1999 and 2019].

    This article is pure nonsense.

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  • Posted to Who Runs The World - Infographics website for International Women's Day 2019, in reply to Steve O'Connor , Mar 11, 2019

    Yeah, there's much better drugs out there you can relax with

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  • Posted to Absurd Design, Mar 08, 2019

    I'm pretty torn on this. On the one hand, the illustrations are really nice, and I do like the aesthetic quality of hand drawn/painted illustration.

    On the other hand, I can just see these becoming the default placeholders for every bootstrap-esque off-the-shelf product for the next six months until the next trend comes along.

    On the third, awkward mutant hand, it's also kinda devaluing other illustrators by offering this sort of stuff for free, and devaluing your own personal brand. Maybe that's not an issue here though?

    Like I said, I'm torn on it. The quality of work and presentation on the page is very nice however :)

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  • Posted to Where do you keep all your inspirations, which you can browse comfortably in 100% size without frames??, Feb 27, 2019


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  • Posted to So you say you want some brutalism?, Feb 25, 2019

    Thanks I hate it

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  • Posted to We AB tested having a sticky add to cart button (sticky won), Feb 13, 2019

    I kind of feel it borderlines on being a dark pattern, but hey, dark patters net conversions :P

    (tbh, it's not really a dark pattern at all, but personally I kind of agree that the behavior feels pushy. If it increases sales though then it's gotta be counted as a win I suppose!)

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  • Posted to Tiny Trend: Mouse Interactions, Feb 13, 2019

    a splashy bubble trail was a novelty in early 2016

    Try a novelty in 2006.

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  • Posted to CSS Only Revolve Animation, in reply to John Leschinski , Feb 11, 2019

    I'm guessing he's just showing off something he's working on, not necessarily re-inventing the wheel etc.

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  • Posted to Microsoft Outlook Update: Animated GIF and Other Features, Feb 06, 2019

    It is all about the user experience, isn’t it? Microsoft Insider Team also recognizes that

    I can't emphasize this enough:


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