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  • Posted to Developer not following designer's design, Jan 06, 2014

    Well this time Blame the developer. 960gs is oldschool because it's not a responsive framework. Just check out the 960.gs site, there's a nice little message on the top, if you want a responsive grid framework go to Unsemantic ... So your developer at least should use Unsemantic.

    On the other hand you should blame the designer too, because nowadays it's not a good practice to design with a fixed grid. Sure 978px wide site will look good on iPad landscape, and will work on desktop screens, but then you forgot about other tablets, ipad portrait and mobile phone screens.

    The answer for you last question is yes, the iPad can fit the website, but it will not be readable if you design a 1200px wide site. That's bad practice too. Responsive or at least Adaptive design is the way to go. Your designers and developers should really know this.

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