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  • Posted to It’s time to meet Framer X, an advanced interaction design tool that’s easy for just about anyone to use., Jul 25, 2018

    This is Mac only, right?

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  • Posted to Help Dribbble change the GIF format to MP4, in reply to John P , Apr 16, 2018

    That's because they use (bad) compression in their backend, not because of the file format itself. Even if you select the highest definition settings when exporting your videos, they will always have a degraded quality after you've uploaded them to their platforms (especially Twitter—it transcodes the videos for delivery over the Internet and then adapts what quality you see at playback time based on your network's speed. On the other side, Instagram is maxed out at 30fps). YouTube or Vimeo, for instance, don't have this problem since they don't auto-play the clip when you scroll through their page. With MP4 you also gain playback control.

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  • Posted to Help Dribbble change the GIF format to MP4, in reply to Andrew C , Apr 16, 2018

    It doesn't need to be autoplaying. GIFs right now are not autoplaying. They play only on mouse hover over. Furthermore, WebM was made by Google especially for the web. But MP4 has a better support. And 8MB in 2018 is ridiculous for a 60fps GIF at an 800✕600px resolution.

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  • Posted to Lunacy Editor 3.0 - opens, edits, and saves .sketch files, in reply to Ivan Braun , Mar 23, 2018


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  • Posted to ProtoPie Review, Dec 29, 2017

    Here are a couple of recent opinions that you might be interested to read.

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  • Posted to AMA: What’s Next for Adobe XD?, Nov 29, 2017

    I'm glad that you've finally introduced grids, but they also need to have a relative/adaptive function, not only an absolute one, based on pixels and artboard size. It should be able to define a percentage based column, have the ability to align and also a max grid width.

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  • Posted to New Slack Homepage, Jan 18, 2017

    Long shadow is not dead.

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  • Posted to Uber App Icon, Nov 04, 2016

    Why do they keep changing it each season? I wonder if they've seen this.

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  • Posted to Dear Microsoft, in reply to Sam Solomon , Nov 03, 2016

    That option is only for the sidebar theme, as the feature clearly states. Only the left tab with your teams will be affected by the change. It doesn't modify the actual layout where you read and write messages (the place where you spend most of your time), which makes it hard to use at night on a large screen.

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  • Posted to Dear Microsoft, Nov 03, 2016

    Why does Slack think it has no competition? I'm still surprised people are using Slack when they come with very little new improvements for their software. I'm not even a gamer but Discord is immensely better than Slack ever was, with new features being baked every single week. People were asking for a dark theme for Slack for ages and they stubbornly refuse to implement it. No wonder they get so salty at the sight of competition.

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