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  • Posted to High Sierra, Have You Tried It?, in reply to Evan Knight , Jun 07, 2017

    That is not exactly what I meant, "file system" is they way data is organized on your disk. Check out https://www.apple.com/macos/high-sierra-preview/ and look for "file system"

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  • Posted to High Sierra, Have You Tried It?, Jun 06, 2017

    I did the upgrade, went smooth, even upgraded to the new filesystem without a hassle. Besides the fingerprint sensor (2016 MacbookPro) everything seems to be working for me. No crashes so far, no slowness (like with the iOS betas), ...

    I guess they did not do major changes like they usually do, as they also announced, this is more polishing the OS

    I don't have Sketch installed, but Zeplin and Photoshop seems to work fine, for what it's worth 

    //edit: Oh, and no sound in videos in Safari developer preview, for some reason

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