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  • Posted to Seriously Instagram? All that space wasted? (iPhone SE), in reply to Benjamin Rogers , Nov 02, 2017

    Before I was able to see two entire rows of pictures when landing on a profile... Not anymore

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  • Posted to Seriously Instagram? All that space wasted? (iPhone SE), Nov 01, 2017

    I feel like since Facebook acquired this app there's more and more shit in the UI and it's visually more complex. It's a shame...

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  • Posted to Coaster - Unsplash search on Mac, in reply to Gaddafi Rusli , Sep 18, 2017

    Yes, when you download a picture this appears at the bottom of the screen: as a result I get a lot more people tweeting and sharing on FB about my work. By the way you should also share this Coaster app in the Unsplash Slack :)

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  • Posted to Coaster - Unsplash search on Mac, Sep 18, 2017

    This is great, but as a heavy Unsplash contributor there's one thing bothering me: credits. The current Unsplash website encourages people that download images to properly credit the photographer. It looks like your app doesn't.

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  • Posted to Chaptr, Dec 19, 2016

    Definitely not "unforgettable"Please be honest. Also any name with a missing letter (Chaptr, chapter) looks ridiculous to me. Isn't that a 2014 trend? Want to make something unforgettable, make it different than 80% other studio/small agency. I'm not criticizing the amount of work that went into this website, I just think it went the wrong direction. Energy spent on making a copy of most small agency websites I've seen on Siteinspire.

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  • Posted to New job, fresh Macbook, what are some must have installs?, Dec 19, 2016

    Flycut - Clipboard manager. You never knew you needed this until you try it... Copy between multiple documents, then paste in a different order? Not a problem anymore... No back and forth. Also ThumbsUp - Drag and drop any image file to convert it to another format (it's free). For example drag 20 PSD files and obtain 20 renamed JPEG, resized, resampled, ready to be sent by email.

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  • Posted to What your relatives actually think when you say “UX Designer”, Dec 19, 2016

    "We can put a watermark on your images so you can get some exposure" (recent conversation) but I have 13.2k followers on Insta and 150+ unique visitors/day on my portfolio... Fuck you pay me :)

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  • Posted to My 2016 Wrap Up - 9 Startups & 2,190+ Hours of Hustling. What's your 2017 Goal?, in reply to Michael Wong , Dec 17, 2016

    Hi Michael, definitely giveaways! For example my Lightroom presets. People have to register to my newsletter to download them.

    Revue vs Mailchimp... Well easy, I would have to pay 95$ per month with Mailchimp, now I just pay 25$. Also they have the best support team ever! Asked to add a feature, it was there a few days after. If you use the code GIFTFROMSAMUEL you can get 3 full months free (their 1500 subscribers plan)

    You should try it :)

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  • Posted to My 2016 Wrap Up - 9 Startups & 2,190+ Hours of Hustling. What's your 2017 Goal?, Dec 16, 2016

    Went from full time designer (retail design, graphic design) to full time freelance photographer in a year, landed clients like UBS and Adobe, made my first solo exhibition in Geneva (+ 3 other group exhibition, Geneva, Vienna and Maastricht). Been published in various books and magazines (Gestalten, Architecture digest, Monocle). Became a Fujifilm ambassador, started giving workshops. Grew a newsletter to 9500 subscribers ( and made a few successful side projets like Fujifeed ( 19.5k followers on Instagram) and Visit Geneva ( Best moment: waking up at 3,571 m at the Jungfraujoch sphinx observatory, looking at the sunrise. No tourists can do that since the place is only open for scientists during the night/morning but I was shooting images up there. Proudest moment: talking about my work in front of 200 students of EPFL/HEC/HEL/UNIL and how I marketed myself. 2017 goals: I'm working on editing my first book, with a London publisher. New clients, more traveling.

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  • Posted to How bulletproof is your freelance business?, in reply to Ashley Baxter , Dec 15, 2016

    Is there a product like Jack but for Europe?

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