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Pierre Fortier

Québec City Lead designer at Impact Campus Joined almost 6 years ago

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  • Posted to Where do you keep all your inspirations, which you can browse comfortably in 100% size without frames??, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Feb 27, 2019

    Are you me?

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  • Posted to Concrete Design, Feb 21, 2019

    Lovely website design – and I really dig that Willibald branding!

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  • Posted to Look Away to Pause YouTube (Experimental Chrome Extension), in reply to Stuart McCoy , May 21, 2018

    I'm in a similar boat. I've ditched Chrome for Firefox (even if it means a significant performance hit on macOS). I've also been using DuckDuckGo on desktop and mobile without noticing much difference (I'm on android for mobile which is its own issue, and I've been contemplating switching to LineageOS... or buy an iPhone)

    It can be a lot of work, though! I'm still not sure what to do about my Gmail, Gmaps on Android (open source alternatives are... sub-optimal), Google Docs+Drive... I'm pretty entrenched.

    Google has sort of become the "default internet" for a lot of people, and off-boarding from it can be quite a project.

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  • Posted to Display the shadow of an image using a bit of JS and CSS, in reply to Fabien Dutaud , May 15, 2018

    Works in Safari for me as well. :)

    Very cool effect!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: what project management tools do you use?, in reply to Patrick Neufmille , Sep 27, 2016

    Salut Patrick, merci pour ton intérêt ! Ça me ferait plaisir d'en discuter davantage avec toi. Merci de me rajouter sur Twitter (@PierreFortier) pour qu'on puisse s'envoyer des DM.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Pooper App, Jul 19, 2016

    Either making professional looking websites for a laugh has become too easy, or we're scraping the bottom of the app barrel.

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  • Posted to Fridgeye - Monitor your fridgelight, Jun 23, 2016

    Has science gone too far?!?

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  • Posted to Site Design: Pogon Collective, Jun 06, 2016

    I love the color choices and the typography, and with the grid layout it all comes together into a very clean and aesthetically pleasing whole.

    The only minor annoyance I have is the animated hamburger menu icon. It's constantly popping up in my peripheral vision, distracting me from reading the content. Otherwise I find the other animations well utilized and not too distracting. I find the subtle hover animation fun in a retro-computer kind of way.

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  • Posted to Site Design: panache.fr, Sep 28, 2015

    Wow I love this! Makes me jealous that I didn't design it. And the header typography is really cool, I especially like the "R".

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