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  • Posted to Must have X years experience, in reply to Ariel Verber , Dec 12, 2016

    The turnover where I work is exceptionally low. People do not leave after 1 - 2 years. It's the norm for people to stay many years. But then instead of being cut out, if they do decide to move on, they're offered support and help in doing so. Investing in people is the only way to ensure you have the best people stay the longest.

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  • Posted to Must have X years experience, Dec 12, 2016

    Years is useless. Experience is relative to what you have done, not always how long you have done it. And I am 100% certain that I will always hire on talent, skillset and personality. Are we hiring for a senior position? Well, then can that person lead a team, communicate clearly, work with stakeholders, keep a project on track? These aren't based on how long you've been doing something but a multitude of other factors that everyone has uniquely about themselves.

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  • Posted to Would you work on a project that challenged your morals?, Dec 08, 2016

    I have very few moral lines. I don't mean I am an immoral person, I just mean ... gambling, pornography etc. The one thing I wont partake in, is if the product is not real. You know, the fake sites that screw people.

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  • Posted to The Touch Bar is not a gimmick, after all, Nov 29, 2016

    Apple simply don't make gimmicks anyway. The fact is, the touch bar is beautiful to use. Very quick, incredibly lovely to actually touch. But also, 3rd party developers are going to do cool things with it. People who says it's a gimmick probably still just have the previous or older machine and can't think open mindedly about the possibilities. Contextual actions are great. If the Touch bar is a gimmick, then so are contextual buttons on all interfaces. This just so happens to place them at your finger tips for super quick and easy access while working.

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  • Posted to What Markdown/Word editor do you use?, Nov 22, 2016

    I'm using Bear. It's super cute, simple as hell, cross iOS and macOS.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Should We Change The Trial Period?, Jan 24, 2016

    Some apps give you amount of times you can run it. That would be cool. I'm the kind of idiot who just lumps the 99 bucks down if I miss the trial time anyway if I've heard good things. Most of the time I've made great use of the apps.

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