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  • Posted to Figma Plugins, in reply to Shea Lewis , Aug 02, 2019

    Shaming other designers is not a great way to advocate for something you think they should be doing. I'd class this as shaming.

    Perhaps a better approach might be to explain a bit more about where you feel Sketch is lacking in comparison to Figma?

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  • Posted to Sketch for Teams beta is out now, Jul 25, 2019

    Something I can't seem to see any clear answer on is whether or not there will be actual files on my hard drive with Sketch Teams.

    One of the things I love about using Figma is that there are no files floating around requiring organisation on my hard drive - I absolutely love that I simply open the Figma app, and it's all there for me! If Sketch teams is the same, then I'll possibly be willing to switch back to Sketch to try out Teams.

    EDIT: One other small thing that I LOVE in Figma is the ⌥+L shortcut to collapse all folders / groups - I'd want that from Sketch as well.

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  • Posted to Asked to make 70+ page wire prototype. Madness?, Jul 15, 2019

    There are a lot of comments already, some of which just seem to be flexing, but I'll add another opinion in anyway.

    I think it depends on the goal.. A full product prototype might be useful in some circumstances, but also might be someone just asking for a full prototype because they haven't thought a whole lot about the goal. I'd do some discovery around what the goal of the prototype is, and then make a collective judgement call with your peers.

    If it's for usability testing - maybe suggest a leaner approach where you build prototypes based on smaller tasks.

    If it's for something like internal communication so that everyone understands how a new product will link together then it might be very much worth it. A whole team of people who all understand a common goal will work much more effectively.

    As for how you're doing this - I guess that depends on a few factors as well, like what products you work well in. Personally I would do this all in Figma - because I already work in Figma, and the prototyping functionality is the same as InVision. If this is a prototype that required higher functionality like working dropdowns, or authentic data input and storage, then I would go to Axure - this also depends on timeframes as well.. If you are in a startup I'm guessing you'll have to opt for the quick approach - but if you're at an established corporate gig you might have a week or a few weeks to put something together.

    So - is it madness? Depends entirely on your circumstances.

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  • Posted to Elon Musk's face, flat-illustrated to the oblivion. Good or bad, what do you think?, in reply to Adam Hayman , Jul 02, 2019

    The image is balanced overall because the larger part of the image - the foreground - is less complex. Your eye is drawn away from him, yes, but your eye is focused on him first. After you focus on the man, you moved away to focus on what is behind the man.

    I'd say the illustrator has done a terrific job of this.

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  • Posted to How to reduce Sketch file size, in reply to Roben Kleene , Jun 14, 2019

    you can export .fig files - https://help.figma.com/article/205-exporting-to-other-tools

    what if you logged in one day and an important file was missing

    I'm really not sure if that's possible. I certainly haven't heard of this ever occurring, and the community is pretty active with talking about issues.

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  • Posted to How to reduce Sketch file size, Jun 12, 2019

    Switch to Figma.


    Honestly though - this is one thing I don't miss about Sketch... Local files and sluggish performance on larger project files.

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  • Posted to Listen Together - Collaborative Listening Concept for Spotify, Jun 12, 2019

    Aren't Spotify already working on pretty much exactly this? If it comes out in a short while, you should definitely consider working for them! haha. Really cool concept mate - I love it.

    I would love to see more detail in how this would work.. An initial question I have is around how I can queue songs up, and can the primary person in the group neg songs? is there like an 'admin' of each group? I understand this is a concept only, but it would be amazing to see all of the small details as well.

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  • Posted to Sketch introduces collaboration & versioning , in reply to Joseph Barrientos , Jun 07, 2019

    Always nice to downsize the toolset. We recently moved from Sketch / Abstract / Zeplin to just using Figma and I'm pretty happy so far... I'd love it if Sketch introduced a way to add dev handoff as well

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  • Posted to Why do you think this community has died?, in reply to Steven Cavins , May 22, 2019

    a couple of folks that work at unicorns that enforce a Stasi-like "Be Nice" Policy that stunts all productive discussion

    This resonated very hard. I don't participate in many discussions now because so many communities / individuals seem more interested in constantly flattering and congratulating each other. It feels like criticism is being mistaken for negativity.

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  • Posted to Anyone here use Toptal?, May 13, 2019

    I refuse to look at toptal after seeing how much they spammed here on DN. It just left a bad impression on me so I have very negative connotations

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