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  • Posted to AirPods Pro, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Oct 31, 2019

    It's the type of upgrade you would get from the iphone basic model as well, starting at 7, without the pro markup.

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  • Posted to AirPods Pro, Oct 29, 2019

    Apple 101: Instead of just releasing a newer version, they call it pro for that you shell out extra cash.

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  • Posted to Which email service do you use ?, in reply to Pedro Pimenta , Oct 24, 2019

    I also choice Mailbox.org now because of all its features and progressive pricing model (there's a slider that you can actually adjust on how much space and cloud storage you need). Much more customizable in pricing than the other big players who offer you packages for so much stuff one does not need. I haven't tried out its Desposable Addresses yet, but they seemed super handy and I was surprised no other providers were offering them yet. Much better than going for some shady forward service.

    Good to hear that the 2GB for 1Euro per month lasted you for 2 years already.

    Did you have any problems with getting mails not delivered, or that the service is not accessable ?

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  • Posted to CoBeats: Keep all your things: bookmarks, screenshots, videos, files, images, movies, books, music, tv shows and of course notes., in reply to Devesh Kumar , Oct 23, 2019

    I appreciate your effort, can understand where you come from, and sincerely hope you can keep your "promises". Though, you know what they say: "To do well is better than to mean well."

    As a user, the one thing that would make me use another such bookmarking tool would be complete control of the data, and being sure the presenting app can also be always accessed.

    Practically, this means: Being able to download my data not just anytime as JSON, XML, etc ... but also as self containing HTML files, like an offline webapp. Also, your solution should not only offer on a web version that can be sunset anytime, but offer system apps that are standalone and can be accessed anytime without login and even when the online infrastructure behind it is not active anymore (local data cache).

    Last but not least, the best way to ensure a product has longevity and is trustworthy is to open source it, allowing anyone to work on it and maintain it. Basiclly, as long as people use it, people will maintain it.

    So I guess, the best bookmarking tool would be an open source one - with premium features (closed repo) to ensure revenue, or a patreon like system.

    I think you should seriously consider a self-containing open source version, (you can still keep the colaborative version private) if you truly want to keep your promises and want people to trust you. There's just too much scorched earth in this app category.

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  • Posted to Which email service do you use ?, Oct 22, 2019

    Quick Update: I have done some research, and these are my selections filtered by privacy, feature set & sustainable engery usage:

    • Posteo: Pro: green energy, super private Con: no spam folder, no custom email domain

    • Proton: Pro: private, custom domain, Con: no imap or very limited, third party email app support

    • Mailbox.org: Pro: 100% green energy, private, great feature set, 31 Days free trail, custom domain Cons: None yet !

    Helpful Blog Posts I used:

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  • Posted to Which email service do you use ?, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Oct 22, 2019

    Very crafty ! :P

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  • Posted to It’s time we stop unsolicitedly redesigning Spotify - A list of non-profit organizations that could use your design chops instead., Oct 14, 2019

    This should be pinned or made an auto-reply for every "Redesign" Post.

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  • Posted to The future is dark. Things to keep in mind when designing a dark mode for your app or websites., May 30, 2019

    Dark Mode is more than just a trend, it is what should have happened already years ago, simply because human anatomy. Besides the fact that having a bright screen at low light conditions (at night) is really bad for your visual cortex, drains a lot of unnecessary power from the battery (power saving is highest on OLED displays where dark pixels are actually switched off), it has long been an established scientific fact that reading light text on dark background produces way less eye strain than the inverse that we use all the time. (why do we use dark text on white paper? Well, goes all the way back to printing paper, which was bleached in a chemical process and ink, which was more expensive, was sparsely applied for the text, which resulted in a media representation we never truly challenged afterwards because of cost).

    The only thing I'm actively missing in dark modes is dimming of media content as well. Like applying reduced brightness on images, video, etc.

    To summarize, dark mode is essential, long overdue and should be adopted by not only apps, but websites as well if they care about user experience.

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to louie solomon , Jan 21, 2019

    Re: background updates: As far as I can tell, in the system preferences on 10.12, there is an option to deactivate automatic Security & System updates; or are you referring to maybe even some other mechanism ?

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to John P , Jan 21, 2019

    Hey John, thanks for your answer! Though, I think you misread the question, as the subject was a Hackintosh setup I was asking about. Yet, it's a valid comparison win vs mac.

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