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  • Posted to The future is dark. Things to keep in mind when designing a dark mode for your app or websites., May 30, 2019

    Dark Mode is more than just a trend, it is what should have happened already years ago, simply because human anatomy. Besides the fact that having a bright screen at low light conditions (at night) is really bad for your visual cortex, drains a lot of unnecessary power from the battery (power saving is highest on OLED displays where dark pixels are actually switched off), it has long been an established scientific fact that reading light text on dark background produces way less eye strain than the inverse that we use all the time. (why do we use dark text on white paper? Well, goes all the way back to printing paper, which was bleached in a chemical process and ink, which was more expensive, was sparsely applied for the text, which resulted in a media representation we never truly challenged afterwards because of cost).

    The only thing I'm actively missing in dark modes is dimming of media content as well. Like applying reduced brightness on images, video, etc.

    To summarize, dark mode is essential, long overdue and should be adopted by not only apps, but websites as well if they care about user experience.

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to louie solomon , Jan 21, 2019

    Re: background updates: As far as I can tell, in the system preferences on 10.12, there is an option to deactivate automatic Security & System updates; or are you referring to maybe even some other mechanism ?

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to John P , Jan 21, 2019

    Hey John, thanks for your answer! Though, I think you misread the question, as the subject was a Hackintosh setup I was asking about. Yet, it's a valid comparison win vs mac.

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to louie solomon , Jan 21, 2019

    Big Thanks for the detailed answer & resources, Louie ! Forced updates are definitely something I need to research further before building a hackintosh. Thx also for clarifying that your last build was 4 years ago, since I think I heard that the process became much easier & (hopefully) more stable recently. SnazzyLab on youtube even has some step by step howtos. Since I never actually build a haskintosh, I can't judge though how accurate they are. Hey, maybe we should start a new topic on DN for everything Hackintosh, maybe even were a few people could start together building their machines. :P

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  • Posted to Let‘s celebrate BAUHAUS 100 Years., Jan 19, 2019

    Most prominent heir of the Bauhaus legacy is probably Apple. They have been named as one of their main inspirations, especially the Bauhaus mantra of bringing together "Form and Function", as well as "design objects" that are affordable for everyone. ( well, in Apple's case for everyone with deep pockets )

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  • Posted to Please critique my landing (it's a design tool to give feedback to developers), in reply to Joshua Turner , Jan 19, 2019

    Agree with the vertical padding of content areas, though disagree with the menu and font. I like the bold font as differentiator for the menu, and the font's elegant, however you definitely need more line-height for your headings. Well, for the footer/last call to action I like that's an attention grabber, but the text is too unreadable contrast wise.

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  • Posted to Please critique my landing (it's a design tool to give feedback to developers), Jan 19, 2019

    Great, clean design. Gets to the point fast, which is always good. Like the simple color choice (maybe the yellow tone could be a bit stronger/deeper). Footer has some spacing problems to the adjacent button. Copy is quite alright in what info it tries to get across, but as you said, needs to be rephrased (if you like, maybe I could do a quick rewrite). Also, how did you get the client testimonials: are these people you actually know or just some examples? Keep up the good work.

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  • Posted to First Rule of Stealing Websites., Jan 13, 2019

    Well, if you want to see a company who has made stealing websites / apps / ideas their business model, look no further than "Rocket Internet" (a.k.a. Crooked Internet). "Founded" by the sons of a billionaire, all that they do is spawn company after company by copying successful startups (people who literally figured out their business model themselves), and just changing the name to something vaguely cool sounding (ex: Wimdu, original AirBnB). And by copying, I mean literally copying, e.g. the source code of many originals has been detected in their copies. They are now even at the stock market trading. Best of all, they think they have that "startup culture" going and fill their offices with hipsters. Don't understand how one could work for such a company like "Rocket Internet". Sometimes this business really sets me off.

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to Alf Salib , Dec 27, 2018

    I was thinking of doing the same. Could you elaborate a bit on your experiences for all of us in the design community? Like: - How long did it take you to setup ? - Was it complicated to get this running ? - How stable is the system? - What features are you able to use / not use? - What's about automatic updates & backups ? Also, I'd be interested in the recommendations of monitors you mentioned.

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  • Posted to Roadmap — plan projects and manage resources with ease, Jun 13, 2017

    Nice, but ... no scrum board ?

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