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  • Posted to Inspire Me! -- (Re)discover your inspirations like a magic!, in reply to BAKAkid .o , Dec 14, 2018

    You can get a refund from Apple if an app is not to your liking.

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  • Posted to After declaring Pocket bankruptcy, I made my own minimal read-it-later app, Dec 08, 2018

    Congrats to the launch. As someone, who declared Pocket bankruptcy once, started another account and now AGAIN has thousands of articles in there, your idea and implementation is genius. Btw: I find the self destruction of older articles a great idea. Or maybe a hard limit and when adding new stuff, older articles are pushed out of the queue?

    Also I agree with the others, the onboarding is really well done. Though I still had problems and as you obviously care very much about the little things I thought I'd share my experience:

    1) A page indicator tells me I can swipe on the content above (or sometimes below). It is no progress indicator. So I was a little confused when I instantly started swiping on the first screen, but nothing happened till I understood I need to tap the button.

    2) I was confused after enabling ReadingQueue in the share sheet. Like ... what do I have to do now. Cancel? I read the instructions after "3.", but still wasn't able to grasp it. Obviously, for my brain to add a page in an onboarding process to a reading queue made so little sense, that I didn't understand the instruction. But maybe, that's only a power user's issue, who is too accustomed to the share sheet and knows how it works and what it generally does.

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, in reply to Jan Semler , Nov 29, 2018

    Sure thing ... but the fact, that prototypes take a lot of time and therefore iterating on them constantly is not a viable option in every situation, is not the fault of the tool (which I had the impression you were implying with "dead end" in the first place).

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, in reply to Jan Semler , Nov 29, 2018

    I don't quite understand the argument. Obviously, if you decide to change something, you have to apply these changes to the design file, the interaction prototype and the real product. But how is this the fault of the tools you use in each step?

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, in reply to Mariusz Ostrowski , Nov 29, 2018

    Which problem of Flinto/Princliple does it solve (better)? I tried it once afair, but didn't stick. Also, I had the impression it lacks traction in the design community, which is never a good sign for new indie software.

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, in reply to Jan Semler , Nov 29, 2018

    Depends on how you define "deadend": In Flinto you are able to edit vector shapes and text layers, which I find mighty impressive and useful. Of course it does not offer all capabilities of Sketch, though.

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  • Posted to Padding for Nested Symbols in Sketch with Anima, in reply to George Brown , Nov 15, 2018

    I lol'd at "world's buggiest app".

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , in reply to Andreas Ubbe Dall , Sep 18, 2018

    But nothing is "hidden" here: It's just another metric to base sorting on, for every user to choose for himself. Also, comments on comments are always sorted by time ... even if someone sorts by votes.

    I agree, that on Reddit it's a little different ... although not sure how much really? I never use Reddit so no idea, how it works there in detail ...

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , in reply to Daniel Golden , Sep 11, 2018

    Downvoted! They're / There!!!!11 :D

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , Sep 11, 2018

    Found a UX issue:

    • If you vote on a post on the overview, the arrow turns from blue to grey
    • If you vote on a comment, the arrow turns from grey to blue

    I just downvoted this post by accident, after having it upvoted before and forgot about it.

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