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Supratim Chakraborty

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  • Posted to What was your career "aha" moment?, Apr 30, 2019

    For me, the ahaa moment is my first interaction with the design team at NewtonMail. I was an android developer there and it was truly a delight to see that teamwork. I used to closely observe how the design lead used to work daily.

    This fascination soon turned into a strong desire to be on the other side of the table. Being an Android developer was fun but I didn't satiate my creative thinking for some reason. A big ahaa in fact.

    Fast forward today, I think I keep running into those moments of realization. Most recent being, a desire to understand Human Computer INteraction research first hand. As I type this reply to you, I am sitting in the graduate research lab at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Vancouver.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: what project management tools do you use?, Sep 23, 2016

    Trello Really works as a Task Delegation Platform. With Shared Documents on Google Drive and Trello for Tasks any project Management becomes easier

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  • Posted to Does Sketch work well with Git merge ?, in reply to Jeroen Vos , Aug 24, 2016

    I did and it didnt fair well. Plantapp sounds a bit too unreal at the moment, have you used it ?

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  • Posted to Does Sketch work well with Git merge ?, in reply to Ray Yip , Aug 24, 2016

    Can you explain your setup a bit more please . I am curious to know if there are any collaboration hack available if not a proper one

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  • Posted to Does Sketch work well with Git merge ?, in reply to Mathieu C , Aug 24, 2016

    Yeah , but i remember reading a while back that someone had used git for versioning local changes and i presumed it would work seamlessly in a collaborative fashion , turns out i was wrong . Thanks for replying btw

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  • Posted to Does Sketch work well with Git merge ?, Aug 24, 2016

    I tested it ,even with Git LFS turned out , merges didnt work , it resulted in a conflict every single time.

    Still in the process of trying different solution and will return with the evaluation

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  • Posted to Chicago Designer News Meetup - Tonight at 6:00, Jun 28, 2016

    I wish DN organized a meetup here in Bengaluru. A lot of amazing work being done here

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How long it will take Adobe XD to have layers?, in reply to Travis Neilson , Jun 07, 2016

    This ^ . Interface Design can essentially work without layers but people coming from the long adobe history need every tool to be photoshop in the end .

    Accepting XD as a preview software and giving feedback is the best thing one should do right now .

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  • Posted to Morning Mail — A New Way to Manage Email, May 26, 2016

    I like the swipe to delete cards UI on the landing page. What email accounts are supported at the moment ?

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