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Mike McAlister

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best flag design?, in reply to Jim Silverman , Apr 08, 2017

    Hopefully they make this the official Milwaukee flag! It's still waiting to be approved by the city. The previous flag has been voted one of the worst flags in America.

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  • Posted to Where to buy a nice WordPress theme that is not bloated?, Jan 10, 2017

    My theme shop, Array, focuses on themes with quality design and lean, standards-compliant code. We're one of the few theme shops that works with the theme reviewers at WordPress.com to ensure our themes are top notch. Holler at me with any questions, happy to help!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best Watches for Designers?, Jul 26, 2016

    Braun has some beautiful and affordable watches. No fancy bells or whistles, just a solid everyday watch.

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  • Posted to 2015 Black Friday design deals, Nov 25, 2015

    At Array, we're doing 50% off any WordPress theme (or the entire collection) Nov. 26th - Dec. 1st. Use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY.

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  • Posted to AIGA’s Ultimate Typography Quiz, Nov 19, 2015

    I only got a 54%. Hopefully there is some extra credit homework I can do to bring that up to a D.

    It's silly that they don't show you the right answers afterwards so you can actually learn from the quiz, instead of just telling you how you did. Tough quiz though!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: If you were setting up an online shop, what tool would you use and why?, Nov 16, 2015

    For digital goods, EasyDigitalDownloads is a good plugin for WordPress. It's free and you can extend it with free and paid extensions. It's also very developer friendly, so you can make it do whatever you want. I run my theme business, Array, on EasyDigitalDownloads.

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  • Posted to Peace — iOS 9 content blocker by Marco Arment, in reply to Floyd Williamson , Sep 17, 2015

    It looks like that might be external web fonts. So if you hosted your web fonts with your site, you should be fine.

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