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  • Posted to New design for a simple site for a car detailing client, in reply to Adam Allard , Sep 20, 2019

    That's a great idea - thanks for the suggestion!

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  • Posted to As a UI designer, I want to start writing. But where do I start?, in reply to Koos Looijesteijn , Jan 30, 2019

    I'd like to write for myself as well, more to practice articulating my thoughts and put my design processes into a shared space for reflection. Your topic ideas are great, I've written them down, thank you for sharing. I appreciate your time to give a thoughtful response.

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  • Posted to I re-designed my site based on DN feedback and launched Failory 2.0, Dec 10, 2018

    Nice, really clean site, good work.

    I think I agree with Ariel, the name Fail Story might be more compelling and have less unwanted connotation. Also, I'm not a fan of emojis in websites, but that's a personal preference.

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer is real alternative to Illustrator?, Nov 30, 2018

    Been using AD for web/ui/app design exclusively for a few years now, it's so under the radar and underrated. Bought for flat fee for $40, free updates, and it does some things better than Sketch (but other things worse). The fact that it does raster stuff is huge and a big differentiator. I use it for all vector logo work, too, however every great once in a while I go to illustrator for image tracing. If they marketed it as more of a UI tool versus exclusively an art tool I think it'd get more attention from the community

    I officially use Affinity Photo as a replacement for Photoshop too, btw

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  • Posted to Experiences with switching from Adobe to Affinity, Jul 18, 2018

    Designer is what I use full time, it's fantastic at a lot of things. The only thing I ever have to open Illustrator for these days is to trace/expand an image to convert it to a vector. Sketch is pretty good too, especially with symbols, but has a lot of annoyances, like the extremely slow/laggy panning of artboards, and lack of raster tools.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Swallowtail Tea, May 26, 2018

    Great looking site. Feels welcoming, and that nav up top is pretty different

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  • Posted to I'm not happy with Sketch, May 05, 2018

    Ya.. I've been trying to use Sketch more because of the hype, and there are some really fantastic features in it like 3rd party plugins and great symbol stuff. But the lag is insanity, lack of color tools are weird, plus the lack of raster tools, even basic ones, is weak.

    I use Affinity Designer for all my daily design work - it's a beast. Literally have had files with 100 artboards and you can whip around and scroll anywhere as if there were only 1. Plus its got an entire raster mode -- so it really is a mix between illustrator and photoshop in a way. Plus its only a flat fee (like $40 or something) and you get free updates. I'm surprised there's not more talk about it in the industry.

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  • Posted to Bráulio Amado's Portfolio, Oct 19, 2017

    scrunch browser to phone width... I see what you did there

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  • Posted to New Design tool from Dropbox?, Oct 06, 2017

    It'd probably look beautiful but I'm really not attracted to any design software subscription services. I know I'm in the minority here but Affinity Designer is pretty great for flat-fee and free updates. However, Figma is definitely intriguing.

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