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  • Posted to The overloaded cart page: Even Zappos is committing this UX sin, Oct 09, 2017

    Hm, so the author assumes that there is actually a problem with current checkout process of Zappos (and I assume Amazon as well).

    What if there isn't?

    What if the data they have shows that all the funnels actually work (the credit card thing), that the orange Proceed to checkout button works, etc.

    It's a bit arrogant to point out the flaws without having the data to back it up. Because I can guarantee you, if that page didn't work Bezos would be chopping heads left & right.

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  • Posted to The Deck is shutting down, Mar 30, 2017

    Well, I guess the market has spoken. The Deck was cool, but being cool does not mean much unless you can keep yourself afloat.

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  • Posted to Why Doesn’t Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders?, Jan 21, 2016

    My question is, how many black kids are steered towards computers, engineering, programming, and even digital design? Say you take 1000 white kids and 1000 black kids, ages 5-10. What's the comparative percentage in both groups regarding interests which would eventually lead those kids to become coders.

    Can we start looking at the root of the problem, instead of looking at the resulting situation. Maybe Apple / Twitter / [whoever] cannot have more than 5% (or whatever the actual low number is) of black developers because there simply are none available?

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  • Posted to Project Comet in 1 minute #video !, Oct 15, 2015

    Guys guys, I love this. <3 Adobe.

    But please, my ears. And ears around everyone in the office around me. They deserve some love, not the THSS THSSS THSS BOOM BOOM!

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  • Posted to Sketch vs Photoshop a year later, where are we?, Aug 18, 2015

    Why would it be "or" solution? I use Photoshop when I need to do Photoshoppy things, I use Sketch when I need to do Sketch...y things. =)

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  • Posted to Sketch Users: How do you align text vertically?, Aug 15, 2015

    Yes but the edge of the text box is where browser believes this text to start if you developed it like that and put it in a browser. It does not matter that you optically can see this misalignment. That is how HTML/CSS works. Sketch is not a graphic design tool. It is a step in process of creating websites (and other digital apps).

    So if there is a 30 pixel padding on the left of John K, and 30 pixel padding on the left of UI Designer, browsers will render those fonts (because they are of different sizes) a little bit off vertical alignment.

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  • Posted to How I Got a Tech Startup Job with an Art Degree, in reply to Kyle Conrad , Aug 15, 2015

    Sure thing, they would hire such a person to draw illustrations, maybe a logo, etc. Nobody would hire a Graphic designer / Artist to create interaction designs. (We are talking of course, that the person in question isn't multi disciplinary and just by coincidence has Arts degree)

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  • Posted to How I Got a Tech Startup Job with an Art Degree, in reply to Charlie McCulloch , Aug 14, 2015

    Keyword here is "eventually". After you got ton of experience, you ended up as UX designer.

    No serious company would hire an Arts graduate as a designer, to design apps as the very first job they got coming out from painters atelier.

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