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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to improve this site? , Dec 07, 2015


    I fully agree with reconsidering the homepage and telling people about what the site does in a few words.

    But also noticed:

    • feels like too much page browsing before arriving at the pairing choice. user should get as much as possible without page reload. In this site as it is now at least the types of selected food could load on the same page.

    Dizzain team team used to help with development of Cellocheese website, see how the pairing feature is implemented on Cello

    • use some more info graphics, for the kinds of food

    • all kinds of food should be accessible from the homepage, not like cheese, seafood, meat, and other.

    • rollovers, and all the front end effects need improvements of course.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is the best Project Collaboration Tool, Dec 07, 2015

    At Dizzain.com we are using Asana.

    I am not sure it would sync with all the services you mentioned but it does have a lot built in, as well as apps - Asana

    This tool focuses mostly on collaboration and tasks and organization.

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  • Posted to How to set up UIUX freelance fee on the proposal?, Dec 07, 2015

    I'd say it depends on if you can prove your expertise. If you have neither recommendations nor portfolio the clients would be hesitant about paying you anything upfront. And this is natural. In this case you could work either with no deposit (this is risky, but you'll get experience and smth to put into your portfolio), or use Upwork were client can deposit the payment and release it to you once the work is done.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to find talent?, Oct 11, 2015

    Have you never worked for a company? If you have try contacting your collegues that you worked with. Or maybe your friends or acquaintances work in a team with some great talent. Ask.

    The best recommendation and proof is the word of mouth, I think.

    Our agency for example was started by 3 professioanls who were either friends or worked together in a team - Our story

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are you the only designer where you work?, Oct 11, 2015

    I am not a designer myself, but I imagine that being one designer in a team might be hard at times. Because all responsibility on the creatives is on yourself. But we all are humans.

    At Dizzain we have 2 designers on staff. Sometimes we need 2 different ideas for a logo or website style. One day we tried to ask one designer to create both (the other was pretty busy or on vacations so we had to). That was a fail! Our designer was pretty stuck to one concept and just could not think for smth completely different for this project.

    So, an alternative viewpoint is great. Not only in the described situation, but overall.

    As for analysis and ideas - one of our founders is a professional designer, so all design works are going though his and get a great deal of analysis and criticism at times :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Portfolios with a grid view is outdated. What are some new solutions?, Sep 22, 2015

    We updated our portfolio view not so long ago.

    Still used the grid, but:

    • not too many works on a page
    • 'broke' the grid with testimonial snippets
    • once you click to see a project details you may scroll through other projects from there not returning to the grid view.

    Here is what I am talking about - https://www.dizzain.com/portfolio/

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you provide devs with design direction for responsive design ?, Jul 29, 2015

    For more or less complex interfaces we create a psd for tablet portrait and mobile view. As there is a team working on a project - designer usually consults the developer when creating mockups for responsive design.

    This approach has been working fine so far.

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  • Posted to Show DN: I designed the portfolio for a friend. Looking for feedback!, Jul 24, 2015

    Nice and minimal, and very focused on the portfolio works!

    One thing - I think it is not very comfortable loading a new page when you want to look at work details and then clicking back to see next work. "Previous Work <> Next work" or smth like that might be very helpful here.

    In our portfolio we have work details loaded in a lightbox window, and you can use controls on the sides to flip through from one work to another. Very user-friendly. See here - http://www.dizzain.com/portfolio/wordpress/tec-summit/

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you use a CMS when making a website for a client?, Jul 21, 2015

    At Dizzain.com we are using WordPress for different kinds of websites. And we absolutely love it.

    Big deal is that your client can manage content on web pages pretty easily. Really, lots of our customers who never worked with anything close to a 'CMS" before learned how to use WordPress admin panel quite fast.

    And also you are not limited in terms of design style and interface structure for the front end. Website won't look 'templatish'. See here how different and unique websites may look with WordPress as CMS - http://www.dizzain.com/blog_customization.

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