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  • Posted to Looking Back at the iOS 6 Maps UI, Oct 01, 2015

    It's skeuominimalism, sort of (here's a great article if you don't know what that is I think what Apple's done is take skeuominimalism to the extreme, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's up to taste. I do agree they could've kept some elements of their skeuomorphic palette in the new design, but I like it none-the-less. I think who's really done a good job finding a balance with skeuominimalism, even better than Google, is Facebook. Their redesign in the past month or so has really blown me away. I won't go into details because that could take a while, but it's great.

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  • Posted to I am a designer but advocating feminism is my real job., in reply to Nathan Huening , Aug 31, 2015

    I meant only positive intent with those statements :) allow me to clarify. I said that the definition (implications) of the word patriarchy have changed. By definition patriarchy is: "a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line". Now it's important to note that I'm coming from a purely american (United States) viewpoint, obviously this changes drastically around the world. But anyway, there is nothing that codifies a patriarchate system in the US government. Places in the world that actually have codified patriarchy need to be addressed, clearly. Getting back to the US, there is a 'patriarchy' in the sense that there is female discrimination in areas such as the work force. My problem with that sort of mindset however is that it falls short of making things equal. For instance, statistically speaking, males get harsher punishments than females for the same crime (source: you can google for some tl;dr stuff). Blaming the 'patriarchy' for this issue clearly doesn't make sense, and thus it falls short of fixing the problem of inequality.

    I'm not saying that there aren't blatantly obvious issues of discrimination towards women in the US, there obviously are, but blaming the patriarchy doesn't help with much.

    Again, it all comes down to the individuals, teaching people what is right and what is wrong in terms of these subjects will make the bigger change to society in the end; which is why I think what OP is doing is fantastic. I just want to make sure as a society, we are spreading the right teachings, and I think OP is doing that, he's the type of person who says 'Yes I am a feminist, and I believe in equality', but the line between that type of feminist, and the feminist that ignores the overarching equality issues of the problems faced in society, can be very thin.

    To address the second statement you quoted. While there may be no data (there probably is, but that's not the point) that says if the dominant household leader is the mother or father, I was trying to say that there is no societal or government rule/law, or norm (at least not much anymore) that says 'the father should be the leader in the household', it's up to that family to decide that, or not decide that; totally up to them. Now there are people who have the mindset 'hurr woman should stay in the kitchen!', but I have no doubt that this mindset will change over the next few decades, for obvious reasons. Most people now either wouldn't be surprised, or just wouldn't care if I told them my mother was the dominant leader in my family (she wasn't actually, my parents shared responsibilities, but just for example).

    EDIT: To go further into why blaming the 'patriarchy' is bad; it can lead to very serious societal problems. Check out this TED talk by psychologist Zimbardo If you want to talk about the correct treatment of women, the issue discussed in the talk no doubt needs to be addressed and solved, and simply blaming them (the 'patriarchy') will obviously not help.

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  • Posted to I am a designer but advocating feminism is my real job., Aug 31, 2015

    Okay, here are my thoughts on this, maybe I'll be the unpopular opinion, but hopefully not, these are just my thoughts. IMO, it's very hard to say that you're a feminist in today's society and mean it in the same sense it held, say back in the early-mid 1900's; it's a tough thing to do, unfortunately. The definition, or at least implications of the word, has changed. For example, just like your (and others) use of the word "patriarchy" has changed. Saying that there is literally still a patriarchy (in the United States I'm presuming), where males hold political and social dominance, is just plain wrong. There are women in politics, women running as presidential candidates; I know several families where the mother is the one 'in charge' and main source of income.

    Also, feminism falls short of having a 'plan' to deal with these inequalities. Feminism simply states that you believe that men and women should be equal. There are two problems with that, 1. it doesn't state the means in which to accomplish this, it doesn't state 'X is what you should do to accomplish X'. Which I guess, okay, that can be left to the individual / group to decide how they want to confront the problems feminism tries to defeat. I think what you're doing is great, and you are a good example of a leader; spreading pro-equality through what you're good at, that's a great thing to do. The other problem is that people who make games such as a "Rapelay", obviously a terrible and highly offensive game no matter what sex it's aimed at, obviously don't care about equality. Again, what you're doing is great, people need to be taught at an early age to know what is right and wrong in these regards, teaching them is the first step.

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  • Posted to Examples of simple, effective personal sites, Aug 25, 2015

    The best and most simple personal sites / portfolios are the ones that speak for themselves, IMO. One of the best:

    It's simple and showcases his work. Instead of saying "I am x I do x" he focuses on other sections (his blog), and lets his work speak for itself.

    Clearly not everyone is going to be the inventor of markdown, however, letting your work talk for itself is something that you should strive for. If this is done or not, I think it's also important to put the focus on the (potential) client, which is something I always see missing in portfolios or even contact sections on sites. When you say 'I am x I do x', not only should that be implied by your work, but the chances are any client viewing your site probably already knows that (e.g. someone googles 'graphic design freelancer', online portfolio comes up, 'Hi I'm a graphic designer', orly??). Focus more on what you could do for the client, 'Looking for a more simple design...', something that could help them, maybe a bit more vague than that so you don't corner yourself, but you get the idea.

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  • Posted to Cameron's World, Aug 18, 2015

    This is not safe for work if you click on some of those links LMAO

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do I make an API?, Aug 18, 2015

    And if you're not quite sure what you should be using to make the API, I would suggest Lumen, it's an incredibly fast micro-framework that has the same syntax (api) as Laravel (made by the creator himself). The whole reason he made it was to handle API requests hitting his server for his Envoyer project.

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