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  • Posted to How to create a looping gif of a screen capture?, Apr 10, 2018

    If small file size is your aim, LICEcap is your game.

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  • Posted to Helen Tran — Product Designer, in reply to Phil Rau , Nov 17, 2017

    I think this all comes back to how impersonally people can treat each other on the internet, especially large community sites like DN. The 3rd comment here is:

    The website welcomes you with a full-screen background video of Helen, followed closely by a portrait of Helen, scroll down a bit further to reveal 3 more photos of Helen... I really want to like Helen, however now I sort of think she's a bit vain. Maybe dial down the Helen-ness at the top a notch and move some of it to an "About me" section. Otherwise the top feels like a really well-designed dating profile.

    This is someone's personal site, people put a lot of themselves into these things. All critiques deserve respect, but I think personal sites warrant a little extra. So is it respectful to call someone's portfolio "vain"? I can't help but think that word would sting a little being on the receiving end. The comment is written with authority and lacks empathy for how Helen would feel reading it.

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  • Posted to Alternatives to DN, in reply to Daniel De Laney , Nov 16, 2017

    ordinary humans who desperately need the education that only people like you can provide

    I don't think it's right to place the responsibility to educate/change others on the person who is experiencing the bullying. As Antonia said, it wears you down.

    Those of us lucky enough not to experience harassment can help out by taking the initiative ourselves. See a comment that's clearly rude/bulling? Call them out. That action shouldn't fall solely to the person or group on the receiving end.

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  • Posted to Tips on Analysing Google Analytics Data, Nov 01, 2017

    Each agency probably defines good performance a bit differently. I would find out their performance goals, then try to come up with some specific questions around them. Then see if you can use GA to answer the questions (sometimes you can't).

    For example, the goal of one agency's website might be to get people to download one of their apps. Maybe there's a homepage, plus a dedicated page for each app. A specific question could be:

    Is the homepage good at helping people discover our apps?

    GA could tell you where people go after visiting the homepage, if they bounce or perhaps overwhelmingly view one app over the others.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side project are you working on this weekend?, in reply to Matt Coady , Oct 08, 2017

    That's awesome! Working image links if anyone else is getting a 403 (https://imgur.com/SNj55Bh, https://imgur.com/rVqQuoj).

    I've been working on learning SketchUp to design an addition to our shed. Something like this would be super nice, manually measuring and modeling was slow. Canvas seemed like another interesting option.

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  • Posted to Can I convert a website into sketchapp file? , in reply to V. M , Aug 05, 2017

    Oh, neat! What did you get working? You can email me at me@westonthayer.com if you want.

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  • Posted to Can I convert a website into sketchapp file? , in reply to V. M , Aug 04, 2017

    Heh a pure HTML renderer would be on a similar level of difficulty to writing your own renderer for a web browser. You'd have to handle all the quirks of the CSS and HTML specs. I don't have that kinda free time!

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  • Posted to Can I convert a website into sketchapp file? , Aug 02, 2017

    This probably won't be useful for you after reading your description, but going off of

    Can I convert a website into a sketchapp file?

    That's an interesting problem! react-sketchapp is probably the closest solution. In a nutshell, it reads React and renders it into Sketch as real layers (not images). You'd have to create your website in React Native though.

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  • Posted to Stop designing in Sketch. Design in the Browser., Mar 23, 2017

    When you design in the browser, you're forced to consider things like layout immediately, from the blank page you started with until the last pixel. And there's all those browser/bugs quirks that you have to look up.

    Then there's the question of whether you should create good HTML/CSS from the start. Should you stop and consider whether <section> is appropriate here or just go with <div> soup? What about when you need interactivity that CSS can't handle? Do you hack the JS or pull in a framework...

    My point is that designing the browser introduces a whole new set of design decisions that have to be made, which slows you down and might not be an appropriate use of time, depending on where you are in the design process.

    Design benefits from experimenting with variations. If you've ever had an idea that involved a dramatically different layout, but then shied away because "the code would be hard", it might be time to use a different tool that makes trying different layouts easy (Sketch, Photoshop, etc). Just my 2c

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  • Posted to Auto-Layout: Introducing Stacks  —  Flexbox for Sketch, Feb 21, 2017

    Cool! Might be worth correcting:

    For the very first time, Sketch app users are able to apply Flexbox technology directly in Sketch.

    From 2015: https://medium.com/facebook-design/exploring-dynamic-layout-in-sketch-fdf0e825d1cf#.ncju0vkbs

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