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Jason Csizmadi

Principal Visual Designer @ Cooper Joined about 10 years ago via an invitation from Ale M.

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  • Posted to I just cancelled my Adobe CC subscription and I feel great., Oct 02, 2015

    I did the same thing a few months back. The last few years my workflow has primarily shifted to Sketch. I haven't had a need for Photoshop for some time. I do miss illustrator but for the most part Affinity Designer is very well made alternative.

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  • Posted to Research and Photoshop’s Design Pivot, in reply to Charles Pearson , Jul 15, 2015

    As a product designer, I need Photoshop and Illustrator to be effective. I wish Adobe would offer designers a choice like they do photographers with the Photoshop / Lightroom subscription option.

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  • Posted to Research and Photoshop’s Design Pivot, in reply to Charles Pearson , Jul 15, 2015

    "Almost two years ago, the Photoshop team pivoted to focus its energies and resources on design features and workflows."

    Maybe I should have said design features instead of artboards, but the output of this pivot seems to have been primarily the new artboards feature. You could make a case for "Design Space" but it's unusable in its current form and appears to be only a glimpse of what's to come.

    I'm sure the dev process was much shorter than 2 years. My point was after Adobe pivoted to focus on adding design features and workflow improvements into Photoshop it has taken 2 years to see those improvements released to public.

    My intention is not to be negative, but I'm paying a lot of money for a subscription service I didn't ask for just for the privilege of using Photoshop.

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  • Posted to Research and Photoshop’s Design Pivot, Jul 15, 2015

    Two years to launch artboards? I've lost faith in Adobe.

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  • Posted to Sketch 4.0 Feature Wish List, May 15, 2015

    I don't understand why everyone is focusing on a darker UI. That is very low on my wish list.

    1. Variable Symbols -- Don't treat symbols like folders. Symbols should feel more like smart objects. Editing symbols should be an explicate interaction.
    2. Variable shape & type styles
    3. Better interface to manage and view styles and symbols
    4. Better typography tools
    5. Master Pages
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  • Posted to Ask DN: Dropbox or Google Drive, May 12, 2015

    I've recently switched from Dropbox to Google Drive. The main reason for my switch was my large asset collection was eating up too much of my local hard drive space. Switching to Google Drive allows me to push all my assets to the cloud and view them in the grid view. The allows me to browse my files visually. Something that Dropbox doesn't support.

    Google Drive desktop app is horrible. If you only want to sync files to the cloud and not access them through a web interface then Dropbox is the solution for you. Dropbox desktop sync is far superior to Google Drive.

    Alternative to Google Drives default desktop app is a great product from Insync. In my opinion, Insync is a far better desktop sync app then the default Google Drive app. I love this app and have purchased a copy for my personal needs. It works as you would expect. Easily syncs all my files flawlessly to Google Drive. Two things I don't like about Insync. The price is steep and you have to purchase a license for each Google account you want to use it with. Try it here: https://www.insynchq.com/r/116616718801599388496

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What do you use for collecting inspirations?, in reply to Andrew Cohen , Apr 17, 2014

    I use Evernote as well. Always seems to get overlooked.

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  • Posted to Macaw examples, in reply to Jim Silverman , Apr 14, 2014

    Yeah, I didn't plan the breakpoints. Really not a good example of responsive design. More of an example of the kind of design fidelity Macaw is capable of.

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