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  • Posted to Stubborn - Free Illustrations Generator, Jun 18, 2019

    If having illustrations for your startup is critical to your marketing / branding, then you should be hiring custom illustrations from illustrators. Grab your own unique style instead of being a carbon copy of every other tech start-up. It is worth the money (if this is truly important to you).

    I'm all for the concept of companies / people sharing ideas and giving back to the community, but I feel like our industry is making illustrations feel like second-class citizens. "Why bother hiring a talented illustrator when you can just throw together your own!"

    Just my 2 cents. If this works well for you - more power to you.

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  • Posted to Designers for Open Source?, Jan 07, 2019

    I've always loved this concept, but have you checked out ? Not sure if it 100% fits what you're thinking.

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  • Posted to What are your favorite fonts right now?, in reply to Florian Karsten , Dec 22, 2018

    I'm using it on my personal site: (although that's not really a "project").

    I haven't used it extensively in any large UI system yet, but I think it's pretty clean :)

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  • Posted to Remote Design Jobs - A weekly newsletter, Nov 19, 2018

    Just a small side-project I put together for fun. Wanted to make it easier for designers to find a list of remote design opportunities in one spot (and directly to their email as well)

    Only 2 issues in so far - but looking forward to seeing it grow!

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  • Posted to Mailchimp Brand Refresh!, Sep 27, 2018

    They have lost all original personality that their original brand / site had. Really disappointing that everyone seems to be following this child-like illustration style as well.

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  • Posted to Dribbble redesigns its shot view?, Aug 21, 2018

    Fuzzy shots everywhere now...

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  • Posted to Advanced prototyping is now within reach, thanks to Framer X, in reply to Amir Gabriel , Aug 15, 2018

    Could not agree more with this.

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  • Posted to Normalize browsers' default style, Feb 08, 2018

    This is really nice! I also like using Tommy Hodgins' extremely minimal "reset" CSS as well (for those looking for even a smaller footprint)

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  • Posted to Made a pocket planner. And a neat little static site for it with Poole, in reply to Rick Martin , Jan 26, 2018

    Yeah that's awesome, always curious about other developer / designer thought processes behind their stack choices. Now you're got me interested in Pelican as well (really nice and clean personal blog btw)

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  • Posted to Made a pocket planner. And a neat little static site for it with Poole, Jan 26, 2018

    This is pretty cool! Really like the straight forward design of the planner itself.

    What was the thinking behind using Poole? Genuinely curious why you chose that over other static site generators. (Might start playing around with Poole myself :P)

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