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  • Posted to Stripe Billing, in reply to Austin Paquette , Apr 06, 2018

    By now we all know what a new Stripe landing page means. Yep, it's reconsider-your-life-choices time again.

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  • Posted to The 2018 State of Branding report is out! All branding predictions and insights by the "big brands" professionals., Apr 04, 2018

    79% of respondents say that social and cultural issues will play a significant role in their branding and marketing strategy in 2018.

    You don't say! Social and cultural issues, really?

    I also couldn't help but notice the mismatched data visualizations with no legends:

    Surveys can be a great way to create informative content, but they only work if you ask the right questions and take the time to think about the best way to present your data.

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  • Posted to A redesigned, Gatsby-powered portfolio:, in reply to Eric Chu , Apr 02, 2018 is powered by Gatsby :)

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  • Posted to In Web Design, Everything Hard Can Be Easy Again, Mar 30, 2018

    (Cross-posting my Medium reply here)

    Good post, but I think there’s a simple explanation to why even “design leaders with years of experience” feel overwhelmed: they have years of now-obsolete experience!

    Someone learning CSS now wouldn’t need to bother with floats, they can go straight to Flexbox and CSS Grid. Someone learning JavaScript today can skip jQuery and go straight to React. No need to master Photoshop’s dozens upon dozens of menus and commands, just open up Figma!

    Rather than discourage newcomers by complaining about how complex things have become all the time, “design leaders” should be pointing them at all these new tools (including Webflow ;) that can save them time and help them avoid making the same mistakes we made.

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  • Posted to Introducing The Design Genome Project by InVision, Mar 21, 2018

    This looks great, but as a designer I don't feel like it's really for me. I don't really need to read more general statements about how designers at Slack or Netflix work.

    Designers at Slack work "out in the open"? Great, how does that help me with my next project? "Sketching is a big part of the exploratory process." You don't say!

    Sorry if I seem cynical, but when I see this much resources put into producing design content, I just wish the end product was a bit less bland and corporate.

    (Edit: this does have the word "enterprise" in the URL… maybe that should've been my clue to stay away)

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  • Posted to An in-depth look into how Mollie’s Dashboard navigation was designed., Mar 16, 2018

    Nice article, but this you're really missing out on potential traffic by not having a link to your actual product in the first paragraph of the article (as well as an explanation of what it does).

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  • Posted to French designers! Help me find a good name for my Chrome extension, Mar 11, 2018

    Most design apps don't localize their names so I'm not sure if you need to worry about this at all. After all you don't open "Boutique de Photos" to retouch some pictures…

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  • Posted to Can we stop with the un-needed comments?, in reply to Samantha S , Mar 01, 2018

    You're already a 0 points so adding downvotes would just seem cruel…

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  • Posted to Logos are overrated, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Feb 21, 2018

    Stop ruining the design industry with your subversive cartoons and entertaining videos! Design is serious stuff, there's no place for joking around!

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  • Posted to Logos are overrated, in reply to Matt Sharpe , Feb 20, 2018

    Better be overrated than not rated at all.

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