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  • Posted to, in reply to Justin Schueler , Jun 25, 2018

    That's fair, and I think you have the right attitude of treating it as a fun little side project. Maybe I've been made a bit too cynical by the Product Hunt/startup culture, where every new product is supposed to be this revolutionary new tool, but often just ends up being a slightly trendier version of last year's cool kid,

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  • Posted to, in reply to Justin Schueler , Jun 25, 2018

    You're not owed positivity just because you did something. I like the design of the project and it might evolve into something great one day, but in its current state it adds very little value practically speaking. I think it's worth calling out cookie-cutter projects like this one if only to encourage people to think a little bit more outside the (tool)box.

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, in reply to Martin Bavio , May 25, 2018

    I just thought it was funny to imagine everybody secretly moving to a different community without you knowing about it, like the cool kids not telling you about the after party or something.

    The truth is that the feeling that a community "was better before" is as old as online communities themselves. Complaining about it is like writing angry letters to your local weather station because it's getting colder in November.

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, in reply to Aaron D , May 25, 2018

    And what's more, he somehow managed to single-handedly accomplish this evil goal without even changing the site itself in any meaningful way! Just goes to show how nefarious he really is…

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, May 25, 2018

    I'm wondering what happened with the real design community that used to create valuable content in here. Have they moved to some other platform that I'm not aware of?

    Oh, this is awkward… you… didn't get your invite? We were pretty sure we sent it. Must've gotten lost in the mail? We'll invite you for sure though, don't worry. I mean, it's a pretty exclusive community but I'm almost positive that you made the cut. Maybe just give it a couple more days. Or weeks or months. But you'll definitely get in. I think.

    – The Cool Designers Community

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  • Posted to Find your next favourite aggregator, community or blog, May 24, 2018

    Nice, thanks for including Sidebar! :)

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  • Posted to Icon management in 2018?, May 12, 2018

    I use IconJar, works pretty great now that more and more icons designers provide their icons in the IconJar format.

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  • Posted to Discover and plan design awards, May 04, 2018

    I'm a bit conflicted about design awards: on one hand they often highlight great work, on the other asking participants to pay makes it clear that they're about making money first, and recognizing good work second.

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  • Posted to Lobe | Deep Learning Made Simple, May 03, 2018

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on your (future) acquisition by Apple!

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