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  • Posted to Vector icon speed runs, Jul 21, 2017

    Your next client, after seeing this: "So here's the list of icons we need for the UI. I think you should easily be able to do them by tomorrow? There's only 50 of them after all"…

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  • Posted to Contrast — A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios, Jul 17, 2017

    Looks like a handy tool, but I also love the landing page. It's always hard to know how to approach these super-simple one-page sites, but this nails it in my opinion.

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  • Posted to @DannPetty Show — Things In My Office Under $20, Practice, The Unsplash Sweatshirt, and Abstract, in reply to Daryl Ginn , Jul 17, 2017

    However, I always find on DN that no matter what the content is, someone will always find something to complain about

    As opposed to the rest of the Internet, which is known for being a wonderland of positivity and appreciation, I suppose? ;)

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  • Posted to The ultimate passive aggressive popup window (German KFC), in reply to Corin Edwards , Jul 12, 2017

    Yeah I thought it was pretty funny. Much better than the typical "close this if you hate saving money" copy…

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  • Posted to UI Design on Windows: Adobe XD, Figma, Affinity Designer, in reply to Darren Alawi , Jul 05, 2017

    If you've already spent hours working on a blog post complete with images, screenshots, and custom examples, and you know your English is not perfect, not forking over $50 to hire a copy editor seems like a pretty bad move.

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  • Posted to Redesigning a remote, in reply to Nelson Taruc , Jun 29, 2017

    Sometimes you have a vision, you execute on it as well as you possibly can, and you see if it works or not. If the only thing that mattered was staying in business, we'd all be designing marketing analytics dashboards…

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  • Posted to Kitkat Pecson, Jun 27, 2017

    Now I want every emoji to be animated…

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  • Posted to Apelido & Apelido, Jun 26, 2017

    Haha, Chinese characters looks so weird! Let's add some nonsense words and some ironically kistch chinese-speaking lady! Oh and of course, we can't forget to throw in a fortune cookie. We're so edgy after all!

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  • Posted to "How to create a side project that customers actually want", in reply to Liam Sarsfield , Jun 22, 2017

    Here's how I look at it: take 10 entrepreneurs using your strategy. 5 might be successful, and you end up with 5 successful social media management apps.

    On the other hand, take 10 entrepreneurs trying to shoot for the stars and, say, solve world hunger. That problem is (at least) five times as hard, so only one entrepreneur out of 10 might be successful. The outcome is much worse for your group of entrepreneurs, but it's much better for society overall, because hey, you've solved world hunger.

    This is a vastly simplified example of course, and you can never know if a trivial-seeming idea won't end up changing the world (Twitter being the perfect example), but I thought it was worth bringing up to argue the other side of the debate.

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