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  • Posted to Abstract: The Art of Design — Netflix’s New Docuseries for Designers Starts on Feb 10, Jan 19, 2017

    I'm really looking forward to the episode where they discuss the best way to design newsletter sign-up forms for maximum conversion.

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  • Posted to The xx, Jan 14, 2017

    I'd love to see a version of this that isn't slow and confusing. That concept would work really well for a photography portfolio, for example.

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  • Posted to Mailchimp 2016 Annual Report, in reply to Sam Solomon , Jan 13, 2017

    I think it's ok, but there are a ton of areas for improvements. Their UI is confusing, the templates are pretty ugly… I don't know, maybe it's just me.

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  • Posted to Mailchimp 2016 Annual Report, Jan 13, 2017

    If MailChimp ever gets disrupted out of the top spot of email apps, I'm pretty sure it'll be because they'll have allocated more resources to creating awesome graphics, cool plush toys, reports, posters, books, and basically everything other than working on their actual product…

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  • Posted to Netflix's cross-platform design lead's thoughts about setting users' expectations through product design. , Jan 11, 2017

    The interview is a bit short, but the whole site is worth checking out, really nice design. Even their main product page is really slick.

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  • Posted to 2017 Web Design Trends, Jan 07, 2017

    +10 points for not having "typography" as one of the trends like every other trends article since 1997.

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  • Posted to Awwwards 2016 Nominees, Jan 07, 2017

    Lots of beautiful work in there, you could probably spend days just browsing through the galleries.

    On a less positive note though, I'm not saying you should always have 50/50 parity, but I feel like they could've done a little better than just 3 women our of 33 people for their freelancers category. Also while they're at it they could explain how they came up with that list.

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  • Posted to CSS-Tricks Redesign, Jan 07, 2017

    Even if you don't like the visual style, you have to admit there's a lot of really cool ideas and details in there. I love the way the cards stack up on mobile for example.

    If you want every article you read to be perfectly laid out, stick to Medium. Personally I think it's cool when people try something new, even if that means missing the target on some fronts.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Redesigned Personal Site, Sacha Greif, in reply to Giovanni Hobbins , Jan 04, 2017

    Well like I said I started with WordPress and jQuery, then tried learning Rails when building Folyo, but somehow it never made sense (looking back, I think Rails just introduced too many new concepts at once for me).

    I then discovered Meteor and liked it much better, since I was at least comfortable with JavaScript through my experience with jQuery.

    Later on I transitioned from pure-Meteor to Meteor/React, and then from there Redux, GraphQL, etc.

    These days I would start with the React ecosystem (at least on the front-end), and I actually wrote a guide on how to do it:

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  • Posted to Show DN: Redesigned Personal Site, Sacha Greif, in reply to John Mauro , Jan 04, 2017

    The book is a bit outdated compared to the latest best practices, also Meteor itself doesn't have the same growth as it did in the beginning.

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