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  • Posted to Form backend platform for designers and developers, Nov 29, 2018

    I'm always annoyed at sites that feature random logos without any explanations.

    I don't know if I should understand that Product Hunt and Mercedes Benz both use your product; or else that you've submitted your site to Product Hunt and drive a Mercedes…

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  • Posted to Design Dots – a curated mini list of design links each day, Nov 20, 2018

    Nice work! And thanks for the shout-out :) Subscribed!

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  • Posted to Google's new Web.Dev portal, Nov 13, 2018

    Ironically, their site is not server-side rendered, doesn't have a <title> tag and has very few meta tags. I guess it's a case of do as I say, not as I do…

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  • Posted to How do you find open source projects to contribute to?, Nov 04, 2018

    Very few developer "find" projects to contribute to. They contribute to the projects that they already use.

    I think that's the only sustainable way open-source can work. When you get contributors who don't actually use a project they always drop off sooner or later when life, work, other projects, etc. get in the way.

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  • Posted to Why Do All Websites Look the Same?, Nov 01, 2018

    I thought this was an interesting read. It introduces several redesign concepts for various websites in an attempt to take them in different directions, but while the redesigns all look great visually, they are also all far less readable and usable than the original websites.

    The Hacker News redesign is a good example of that, visually it looks great but the content is literally unreadable.

    I think these are all examples of great art, but poor design. Which, to be fair is totally fine as long as that's what you want to achieve.

    P.S. Of course my personal opinion is that complaining about all websites looking the same is like complaining that all cars have four wheels. But that's just me.

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  • Posted to Modulz Kickstarter: A Visual Code Editor, in reply to Alf Salib , Oct 19, 2018

    I like that much better!

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  • Posted to Paul Macgregor - Works, in reply to Micah Carroll , Oct 13, 2018

    Oh wow, hadn't noticed! That's awesome!

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  • Posted to Type Foundry Index makes digital typography more accessible by showcasing foundries and designers., in reply to Mark Johnson , Oct 05, 2018

    OK, but it seems to me like showing some screenshots of the fonts, or at least a list of their main typefaces, would be the minimum to make such a list useful?

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  • Posted to Views Tools, a simple way to design React interfaces is out, Sep 30, 2018

    I would strongly suggest reconsidering the name. Not only does it tell you almost nothing about what the app does, it's also really hard to remember properly because the double plural means two chances to get the name wrong. Even from a purely grammatical point of view it's weird, as it's not clear why "tools" is pluralized since this is a single app.

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  • Posted to Mailchimp Brand Refresh!, in reply to Tiago Franco , Sep 28, 2018

    I agree, as a long-time user of MailChimp it annoys me that they spend so much energy on branding and marketing while their core product improves at such a slow pace, if at all.

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