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  • Posted to [DN Suggestion] New threads need to be approved by original members, in reply to Jim Silverman , Feb 21, 2020

    I still check DN every day as a source for potential Sidebar links. But yeah it's been getting less and less relevant lately…

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  • Posted to Storybook for Teams, in reply to Zack Brown , Feb 07, 2020

    What I meant is that "Storybook for Teams" makes it sound like a product put out by an entity or company called "Storybook". So to me it's a bit misleading and goes against that "open source belongs to no one" philosophy.

    I would have no problem with a product called "Classroom – Storybook for Teams" for example. I just find that piggy-backing on an established open-source product's brand and reputation so closely is a bit of a grey area for me.

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  • Posted to Storybook for Teams, in reply to Zack Brown , Feb 07, 2020

    Well in the case of "LottieFiles", "Lottie" is a qualifier for "Files", so it's a bit clearer that it's a site built around the Lottie ecosystem: "Files for Lotties".

    "StorybookForTeams" though makes it sound much more like an "official" project since "Storybook" is the main noun in the construct.

    For example, do you see no difference between "" and ""?

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  • Posted to Storybook for Teams, Feb 07, 2020

    This looks like a cool service but I'm not sure how comfortable I am with reusing the branding of an open-source project for a paid product?

    I know the MIT license enables commercial use (at least for the code – I'm really not sure how it applies to the Storybook name and/or logo) but my gut feeling is that I'd be more comfortable if the product didn't have "Storybook" in its name or reused the same icon.

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  • Posted to Gradientify: Interactive free SVG icons you can colorize as you wish, in reply to Juan Sarmiento , Jan 27, 2020

    Thanks for taking in my feedback :)

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  • Posted to Gradientify: Interactive free SVG icons you can colorize as you wish, Jan 24, 2020

    My message to icon designers: stop focusing on the "fun" part of the job so much, which is drawing pretty icons (and don't get me wrong, those look great). The real problem with icons is not that we don't have enough nice-looking icons, it's that it's very hard to find icons. Very few sets are properly tagged beyond a filename, and there's even fewer ways to search across multiple sets.

    This set looks great but I also know I'll never use it because there isn't a quick, practical way for me to know if there's an icon for "save" or "shopping cart" beyond looking at the icons one by one and hoping I didn't miss any.

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  • Posted to The Burnout List, Jan 24, 2020

    Great post. I think one thing that helps a lot is having hobbies or other activities on the side besides work. Not only does it give you a temporary escape from having to think about work, but it also gives you another source of self-worth and motivation.

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  • Posted to The UX of a $13,000,000/year email newsletter, Jan 23, 2020

    Personalizing an email newsletter that goes out to millions of subscribers is actually pretty challenging on a technical level. It means replacing a single API call that passes on a common email template to some newsletter provider by a million individual API calls that each generate a personalized newsletter and send it. So it might not be possible for purely technical reasons.

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  • Posted to All I Font for Christmas, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Dec 19, 2019

    Bold choice to design a calendar that doesn't have sequential dates. Also gotta appreciate how they throw in random non-clickable symbols, numbers, and letters to keep you on your toes.

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