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  • Posted to Move to Apple Music, Jul 24, 2015

    There's no question that the interface and interactions need a lot of work, but in terms of content it's a very impressive experience. I've never once been wowed by the algorithmic selection found on other services, and while Songza's human curated playlists have been pretty good from time to time, nothing out there compares to Apple's playlists. If you take the time to accurately self-assess during the onboarding process, you will be rewarded with really relevant music. In my opinion, one thing lacking from nearly all tech products is the ability to really surprise users. Failure to surprise is one of the key failures of a product's ability to deliver joy to users, and honestly as tech is more and more apart of our lives, that really worries me. It might sound like evangelizing, but the surprisingly on-point, diverse, distinctly human, music-nerd curated playlists on Apple Music are an indication of where all recommendation services should go.

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  • Posted to Examples of "messaging as app", Jul 18, 2015

    Some friends of mine have an app called Choice Cuts, which sends 2 songs to you each morning

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