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  • Posted to What was most annoying part of preparing UX Case Study for your portfolio?, in reply to Graeme F , May 26, 2020

    Ever try ImageOptim? It's great.

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  • Posted to How to make variable width progress components in Figma, May 07, 2020


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  • Posted to Need some feedback on my portfolio website, in reply to Ravi Java , Mar 09, 2020

    I haven't used Wix so I don't know its limitations. Good luck.

    The animations are a judgement call. Not a deal-breaker.

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  • Posted to Stuff Project Managers Say, Mar 09, 2020

    lol I've heard a few of these.

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  • Posted to Need some feedback on my portfolio website, Mar 09, 2020

    The work presented is very solid, Ravi. Like Juozas said, the main issue I see with the portfolio itself is the lack of responsiveness for smaller screens. I find the slide-in animations on the blocks of text a bit distracting and unnecessary but not a big deal.

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  • Posted to I've Finished The 4th Edition Print Handbook!, Mar 05, 2020

    Wow, Andy, this looks like a remarkably useful publication. I had to learn all this stuff the hard way over the first third of my 30-year career, by assembling such info from various sources (as you likely had to as well). Putting it all in a single guide is an invaluable resource to our community and I commend you highly for taking the time and initiative. I hope you make some money on it too ; )

    I'm going to recommend it to my fellow designers.

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Mar 05, 2020

    I have that box checked and it doesn't work for me.

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  • Posted to Humor: Dear New Employee, Mar 05, 2020

    Just an article I wrote years ago when contracting for 6 months at a large company. Let’s just say my first week was less than productive.

    I’m guessing some of you have had similar encounters at big companies, which in my experience tend to take ridiculous bureaucracy and inefficiencies to new heights.

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, Jan 08, 2020

    I'm not voting much because offsite links are set to open in the same tab (while, strangely, onsite links are the opposite). So when I click a link, it goes offsite, I close the tab when I'm done looking and DN is gone. No vote.

    Counterintuitive AND counterproductive in one! Reverse that and you'll get more votes.

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  • Posted to Dieter Rams designed one of Gillette's most successful razors, Aug 19, 2019

    I had a Sensor and it was excellent. Eventually, though, the environmental impact of disposable blades became evident and I ditched all such razors. I use a traditional razor now with safety blades, which are just metal and therefore recyclable, plus you can get super-cheap blades that are much, much sharper and manufactured much better than disposables. The quality of your blade is way more important than most people understand.

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