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  • Posted to Working with non-designers — What tool do you use to create good-looking docs that can be edited by your team?, Aug 16, 2017

    Haven't had a lot of experience on this topic on a super pro level but I've had good luck with Keynote and Google Docs. You can create templates and in the case of Google Docs it is pretty accessible and cloud based.

    If they're making high quality prints then that's different I think.

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  • Posted to Productizing Design Services?, Dec 30, 2016

    I'm trying out being transparent about pricing on my website to include categories of service design vs product design vs website design and what that all gets you on a process and timeline level.

    It definitely varies so much that I still need to schedule a consultation before initializing the engagement. However I think you could package services better if people knew what they were getting more fully, and that means educating your to-be clients a little.

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  • Posted to ASK DN : Am I going to find my Design Style Ever?, Dec 30, 2016

    You need to be able to do anything and everything dawg. You shouldn't have a style, you should have a series of processes unless you're trying to be an artist or something.

    Then you need to start thinking about what your work expresses versus how it looks like.

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  • Posted to Jessica Hische’s Client Email Helper, Dec 15, 2016

    This is making me rethink my approach to "No Budget" inbound, but I've personally gotten "no budget" leads that turned into 100k+ projects when all is said and done. To me that's the most interesting part of her generator.

    I still waste time on poor inbound leads, even the ones with good references (which in theory should mitigate the lead quality). You just never know, I really like the tool though.

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  • Posted to Watson for President, Feb 07, 2016

    I tried to read it, but this site is not very good and not good for IBM brand even if it at the bottom they say in super fine print, "Not affiliated with IBM blah blah blah".

    If I hadn't read that last bit, I would be thinking wtf because IBM is loaded with design talent right now.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are entrepreneurs born or made?, Feb 06, 2016

    Made. No one is born for anything imo.

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  • Posted to Will UI Designers Be Unemployed Soon?, Nov 16, 2015

    I mean I get it, but it's pretty sensationalized.

    To me I'm not selling eye candy or UI and quite honestly I don't think that's ever really been the case with quality teams of designers or even a single contractor working on a project.

    Just my opinion still, but its more about selling success, process, and an elevated experience that's determined by research and the climate of the market you're going into. As a UI designer your job is to make sense of all these disparate ideas and people, using the tools you have at your disposable. White boarding, moodboarding, style tiles, ideation sessions, etc etc all aide in mitigating risk and creating early-on consensus amongst stakeholders. Is that not UI Design? As long as products need input from people, a designer will be there to be the linchpin.

    The examples I read in the article sounded like continued slight improvements on a mobile product which is in most cases, yes, a job for someone that's not labeled as a designer because there is no "big picture" going on with that decision other than A/B. I also feel like most digital companies proactively change their product or extend their brand so often that there's always going to be huge concepts and company wide shifts that need designers to sort through the mess, figure it out, SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

    Developers I know don't want to sit through meetings to figure out "Who are we, what do we feel like, what do we sound like, etc.". If you're a developer and you love that shit, you da man/woman and I like you.

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