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  • Posted to Does vertical rhythm actually make text more legible? Has it been proven?, in reply to Gavin McFarland , Oct 18, 2018

    No way man! They said you can find this pattern on a pine cone, that can't be BS... Wait!? Are pine cones BS?

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  • Posted to Create hip storyboards in Sketch, in reply to Mike A. , Sep 10, 2018

    I agree with Mike, it's nice to have those kinds of assets but with symbols, we could tweak our character in no time. Here a quick demo of what could be achieved:


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  • Posted to Should I learn prototyping in After Effects or apps like Flinto, Apr 25, 2018

    Principle :

    For everything that is not involving 3D transition.

    • Simple and powerful.
    • You will learn it in an hour.
    • Master it in a month.

    But it's mostly just to show people the way you would like something to behavior because there is no perfect workflow to handoff this to devs and your animation will stay in the 'I wish' area

    • So perfect for dribbble.
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  • Posted to What sucks about my website?, in reply to Rich Clominson , Feb 24, 2018

    I would say it's not about colors, you may have to break the line. Something like this :



    tag tag tag tag

    Or align them so my eye does not have to browse left and right to find where they are.

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  • Posted to React Native course for designers, anyone?, Apr 25, 2017

    Sounds awesome!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best flag design?, Apr 08, 2017

    You have to check this ted :

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  • Posted to Should I buy a Mac and switch to Sketch?, Apr 04, 2017

    I was doing some freelance with a team of 6 people recently, working on a really really huge and complexe project. All of them were using the adobe CC solution. When the manager was able to get a budget in order to update their whole computer set-up. They did choose the mac and sketch combo (Yes, I did argue for them to do it). I was there to help them during the transition and gave them a 2h course/presentation of sketch.

    The real pain was to setup the sharing library. It took us about 2 weeks to have something up-and running. We used a mix between craft shared library from invision and the native sketch templating feature running on the Creative cloud file sharing... It 's faaar from being perfect, some times the synch doesn't work, some time it mixes your changes with the original template, some other time it duplicate every single symbols. We rapidly began to keep a backup of every single step to finally we decide having a UI design shync meeting twice a week in order to decide what we will going to update inside the library. But when they saw the sketch nested symbols+constraints at work... Boy! Nobody wanted to use photoshop again.

    Mac O.S is easy to use and if you have other user in your team you will never get stuck. Sketch is also really handy it will take you no more than few days to be familiar.

    Money concerns appart you should to go for it.

    Except If you have some SERIOUS graphic needs (like 3D or really heaving photoshop work) any macbook pro will work perfectly for UI work. Mine is the cheapest 15" model from 2013 and the only time I feel a real game changer on the performance is when I use my friend's war machine, built for 3d with 2 cpu, 2 Gpu and 64gig of ram.

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  • Posted to Zeplin vs Sympli vs Avocode, Jan 24, 2017

    Does anyone have any feedback about the sketch-file inspector of invision ?

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  • Posted to Macbook Pro vs Surface Studio, Oct 28, 2016

    As you say it: You're comparing mac running on mobile hardware to windows running on desktop hardware, you're right it doesn't make any sense.

    In a no-mobile context, no way your laptop can fight a desktop. End of story your choice have to be : MS-SS

    Why ? Cause the only thing the new mpb would have just for him is the touchbar. But the MS-SS (my gosh did they even think about it when they choose the name), provide a really nice touch solution with its inclinable screen. And even a cool gadget with the wheel. + You have a better screen already built-in + You have desktop-class perf (and I hope you were talking about the 15" mbp not the 13" with the intel GC) + it would cost you less than re-buy the new 15"mbp with 16gig ram and 4gi GC + a screen as big and good than the one featured with the MS-SS.

    Me I need mobility so if I had to switch I would wait to get real bench-mark comparing ms SB and the new mbp.

    But since I already got a 15"mbp from mid-2013 that I love and who is doing reeeally fine => maybe next update.

    Problem solved.

    P.S : Don't forget you don't have to buy anything

    P.S.2 I'm not talking about the O.S cause I think both are great and everyone have his own workflow. But if you need something that is available only on windows or mac then your choice is done.

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