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  • Posted to iOS App: How to launch it Free or Paid ?, Feb 03, 2017

    Without knowing anything about the app, nobody can really advise you.

    However, the pricing model should be dictated by the intended audience, e.g. If your app is a utility that addresses a current pain point in a market, and has little to no competing apps, let's say, Google's Photoscan app, which allows you to preserve and archive existing printed photographs.

    Google are Google, so they can afford to give it away, but the average developer would have addressed a major pain point with a mature audience (Kodak film roles anyone). The app is great at what it does and the audience has money to spend and a desire to preserve their legacy digitally for their offspring or otherwise (hi mom).

    Point being, it's a good candidate for a paid app.

    Something that requires a social aspect is not. If you need your app to gain traction you need a low barrier to entry. Get your cash from ads or IAPs.

    Most importantly, make a great fucking app. The store is crammed with garbage. And don't kid yourself, it might be the best app in the world to you, but you're too close to the project. Find people who don't know you and ask them what they think of your app (shoutout to Starbucks baristas).

    Back to pricing, ask yourself what's more valuable in the long run.

    Sometimes it's worth giving away a great app for the potential market later on (as Marc so eloquently put it). Having said that, hard to give away IP when you have mouths to feed. Good luck.

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  • Posted to RightFont - A fast and powerful font manager for every designer, is now 20% off for Christmas, Dec 20, 2016

    Bought this during their black Friday / cyber Monday sale, and it's been awesome! I don't do much design work nowadays, but the drag and drop functionality has sped up font exploration in the times when I do exponentially. Great app.

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  • Posted to New job, fresh Macbook, what are some must have installs?, Dec 20, 2016

    · Alfred · Divvy · Bartender · Dash · Sublime · Dropbox · Bear App (or Evernote) · ColorSnapper · SnapRuler (though it's been sluggish on the new Mac, so maybe XScope) · Spotify (Apple Music blows) · Fantastical

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, Dec 03, 2016

    $60 - $100 p/m? I wouldn't pay that if Mike Bostock was the instructor.

    Maybe add an 'about me' section explaining why your expertise is worth such a premium.

    I'm viewing your site on mobile, so if I'm missing something take that into account, but I'm not even sure what I'm getting for this price.

    Is the course complete? Is it on-going? Do I get access to the entire beginner / intermediate / advanced syllabus from my first payment?

    I'm actually someone who's interested in learning more about D3. I pay a subscription to a similar model (NSScreencast) and the instructor is renowned and doesn't charge a third this price.

    I'm not saying this product isn't worth it, simply that the site doesn't convey the value.

    Furthermore these prices are 33% off. Which Udemy (or other) courses did you base your pricing off of?

    Shucks, if people subscribe - more power to you.

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  • Posted to The pound coin is changing next year , Nov 05, 2016

    Wish they'd create a pound 'note' already so I could get a wallet without a change purse :|

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter, Oct 25, 2016

    I'm going to go ahead and hop on the bandwagon because this deserves it. Absolutely fantastic promotional video! You have my support folks!

    PS. I've been pushing for a thin close (x) icon on GH for a couple of years now, if you could find a way to make that happen in FA5, I'd love you all the more.

    Very excited. Best of luck.

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  • Posted to Sneak peek at some cool UI and Web design features coming to Affinity Designer, Jun 09, 2016

    With Sketch moving to their licensing model, it might be as good a time as any to invest more time in AD.

    This looks like a great, innovative feature.

    Wish list: a mirroring app to really take advantage of this awesome addition :D

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  • Posted to Every shot Kobe Bryant ever took. All 30,699 of them., in reply to Drew Beck , Apr 18, 2016

    Not quite what you're looking for, but cool nonetheless: Curry vs. the rest

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  • Posted to I'm creating a billion dollar notepad, Apr 15, 2016

    Ideas are a dime a dozen. If you can come up with an 'execution' notebook - now I'd pay a billion dollars for that ;)

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  • Posted to Framer — Introducing new UI controls to make prototyping easier than ever before, Apr 13, 2016

    I'm not a user, but the brand & product seem fantastic, and being that development continues to be very active - I can't fault it. Great job.

    However, given all these prototyping tools (understandably, the average user likely picks just one), how much faster is it learning the tool & 'prototyping', rather than just building it out directly? Looking at the featured video on the framer page I can't help but think that I could do this just as fast in Xcode.

    The time consuming part of programming is rarely the presentation layer - it's the business logic, networking, security etc.

    These new controls would certainly speed things up - but by how much compared to Interface Builder? Granted, not all prototypes make it to conception, but rather than adding an extra layer of abstraction why not simply focus on faster ways to prototype at the source?

    I see the value of such tools more so for the web, where you'd require much boilerplate CSS & JS to do this kind of experimentation on a generic level. Perhaps that's the core audience, and perhaps that's what I'm missing.

    I'm not trying to start a fire here, just genuinely interested in the application users are employing these prototypes for.

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