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  • Posted to Ask DN: Good examples of shopping carts, Jul 21, 2015

    I really like this one. Oldie but goodie:

    Vontrollenger Co, 1981, designed by Mariano de Majinez

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  • Posted to Follow DN on Beme, in reply to Daniel Condra , Jul 20, 2015

    Everything is popular when it's new and not available to everyone - people love exclusive shit. I remember same thing happened with Google+ and Ello. People almost killed each other for some invites. 3 days after creating an account no one of them is using it anymore.

    Anyway Beme is pointless. Another "alternative" social media platform that will die sooner then later.

    Beme - Social platform that wants "authenticity". That's a good one...

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  • Posted to UX/UI processes, Jul 18, 2015

    There's no such thing as the route you have to follow. Making up things makes no sense at all, and you should really focus about user testing. Create a prototype of your app (or even some working MVP) and get some people to try it out. Put a scenario for users to follow, record the iphone screen and look out for common pain points. This is the easiest way to make quick wins and REALLY improve your app on early stages.

    I totally recommend you reading "Don't Make Me Think!" and "Rocket Surgery made easy" both written by Steve Krug.

    For recording users using your iOS app check out

    Hope that helps!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Which DSLR to Buy?, Jul 15, 2015

    It's more about the lenses and not camera itself. Don't listen to people saying "oh the more you pay for the camera the better". That's partially true, but you can get close (or even better) results with cheaper camera and amazing lens.

    Anyway. I've purchased Nikon D5300 with Nikon DX Nikkor 35mm 1.8G lens. That's really amazing setup for taking closeup shots (portraits, half/full body's) and this lens gives you great shots in lowlight. Performs really well in shooting HD video but I recommend buying external microphone if you want to capture audio as well.

    Some amateur video using this lens (on even cheaper Nikon):

    Shots with 35mm 1.8G lens:

    Shots with D5300:

    Hope that helps!

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  • Posted to Best Resources for learning After Effects?, Jul 10, 2015 is a good start for UI animations.

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  • Posted to OSX El Capitan Public Beta runs well, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Jul 10, 2015

    what about battery life on iOS9? I've tried dev beta1 and my battery was dying within 2-3 hours... I assume that they've fixed that already? :)

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  • Posted to UXHandy - curated daily selection of the best UX and UI articles, in reply to Max Glenister , Jul 09, 2015

    Thanks for your feedback Max, much appreciated!

    I'll try to implement horizontal stripes in the future release as an view option. Right now it works like that on specific media queries (ipad size), so it would require some browser resizing each time you visit UXHandy (PITA I know :D)

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  • Posted to UXHandy - curated daily selection of the best UX and UI articles, in reply to Chantal Jandard , Jul 09, 2015

    Hi Chantal!

    That's a good question. Most of the articles online usually have some generic stock photos, often not even related to the content (like macbook laying on the desk, people talking etc). Instead of using those really dull photos you see everywhere online I've decided to use beautiful photography. Sure, in most cases they are not related but at least it's a pleasure to look at them :)

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  • Posted to UXHandy - curated daily selection of the best UX and UI articles, Jul 08, 2015

    UXHandy was launched today (as one of my side projects), so if you have any positive/negative feedback - feel free to leave it here :)

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