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  • Posted to Rounded fonts suitable for UI?, May 23, 2017

    How about Proxima Soft? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by prohibitive licensing, but I think this could be a nice alternative.


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  • Posted to Useless CSS Transition - Geico Login button, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Jun 20, 2016

    Hmm. Not sure. This is what the inspector shows for their "Get a Quote" button. That doesn't look like an accident to me. http://d.pr/i/1aPqX

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  • Posted to New Commit icon for Sourcetree, Feb 23, 2016

    It's clever, but I'm not sold. I wouldn't have realized that it was specifically supposed to be a wedding ring without someone telling me.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What kind of questions would you ask the Interviewer?, Dec 14, 2015

    Depending on who you're interviewing with, you can learn a lot about a company by asking what their plans/hopes are for their company in 2 years/5 years/10 years.

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  • Posted to New portfolio website, in reply to Adam Keller , Jun 29, 2015

    Don't get me wrong. Mustard is delicious. I just thought a cool grey/blue grey would be more fitting. The site overall looks great!

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  • Posted to New portfolio website, Jun 29, 2015

    It looks nice! Always a fan of simple, clean lines. At a cursory glance, the one thing that jumped out at me was the mustard-brown bar at the bottom of the homepage. It just didn't seem to blend well with the site's color scheme. I'd try a cool grey (in a tone lighter than the bottom bar), or maybe pull a blue grey color out of the hero image (assuming that hero image will always stay the same).

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  • Posted to Working Music, Jun 16, 2015

    Any album by "Tycho".

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