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  • Posted to Ask DN: Ever feel like your old work is an embarrassment? , Nov 07, 2016

    Every. Fricking. Time. It´s a huge problem when you have to select work for your portfolio.

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  • Posted to Bookmark is dead, in reply to Zeh Fernandes , Jun 30, 2016

    It´s an interesting discussion. First there are some privacy issues, but let´s put that aside.

    Google already has something like this if you are a heavy user of their services and products. It´s a little burried in your settings. Here is the url:

    In this page you can search, browse, filter by product and range of dates of all your activities including navigation.

    I fully understand the concept and I think it´s useful in some situations. But I really prefer a more controled way of organizing my bookmarks.

    Both concepts can easily cohexists IMHO..

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  • Posted to Bookmark is dead, Jun 28, 2016

    "Chrome's bookmark system has many usability problems, the​ main one being that​ you need to click three times to save one link in a specific folder"

    It depends on how you organize your bookmarks bar, in my case, I just drag them to the specific folder (desktop, of course).

    Also: " They have already failed, becoming weird, accumulating useless features, prioritizing recommendations ​rather​ than helping ​users​ collect and save links." Not this one: It´s an old model, boring page, but lighting fast, love it!

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  • Posted to Spring Cleaning, in reply to Max Lind , May 10, 2016

    Hey Maxwell. The one below gives me a 404. I clicked on the box "Latest Design Jobs" on this page.

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  • Posted to Spring Cleaning, May 10, 2016

    Fantastic! Just a little heads up, the links in the jobs section are returning a 404 error.

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  • Posted to You're not a design rockstar, you're a douchebag., in reply to Antonio Pratas , Apr 04, 2016

    Unfortunately, people tend to get offended quite easily. Great article!

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  • Posted to How long do you keep old assets? , Oct 29, 2015

    "Does anyone else keep old designs hanging around for nostalgia?" Oh I am so guilty of this. But in all honesty, it serves as both a visual history of my professional evolution and the evolution of web technologies as well.

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  • Posted to Artboards in Photoshop, in reply to Sorel Arghire , Jun 10, 2015

    Sketch is indeed very good but there are some of us who have a company provided Windows PC with Adobe Suite so, unfortunately, Sketch is not an option.

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