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  • Posted to Show DN: Redesigned my portfolio - critique welcome!, Jun 21, 2015


    • Overall colors, type.

    Needs work:

    • The logo's stroke caps (square) stick out during animation. Maybe make them round, or start the lines at a different point and not the triangle corners?
    • The button animation (of border-width) seems a bit awkward, since the background thins into a line that sticks out. Maybe transition the background color into the red as well?

    Consider removing:

    • Text stretching, which is a bit awkward and blurs the text.
    • The hamburger menu just scrolls the page down. At least change the icon?
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  • Posted to Ask DN: Version control for App Assets?, in reply to Rob Bevan , Jun 21, 2015

    +1 on this. Asset originals, if they are many and usually large, should not be versioned with plain Git. Cloning becomes a pain, and the repo size swells with further changes.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Version control for App Assets?, Jun 21, 2015

    I believe Pixelapse can also act as version control. The pros include being able to visually see version diffs and history. The actual file sharing works a lot like Dropbox, with a desktop client. They got acquired by Dropbox, so probably the main caveat to using them is a future platform migration.

    I firmly believe versioning asset originals should be different than versioning asset exports. Exports, given they are already optimized files, should be included directly in the main codebase and versioned with the code.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Merlot 2015 GitHub Pages template , Jun 13, 2015

    See for an example of the template in action.

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  • Posted to CSS :not() usage tip, in reply to Kyle Bavender , Jun 10, 2015

    Definitely agree re. parse direction being right to left. I'm also definitely assuming that a more specific (not in specificity) selector yields less searching by the browser, and in this case not for the child, but the parent, which in this case would be an immediate matching parent, not any ancestor.

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  • Posted to Why all the hate against Open Sans?, Jun 06, 2015

    Its glyphs have a slightly inconsistent vertical placement. I've used it on projects at large font sizes, and vertical-alignment with icon fonts and other elements proved harder than with Helvetica or similar.

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  • Posted to CSS :not() usage tip, in reply to Paul @Stammy , Jun 06, 2015

    CSS parsing tends to be much lower on the list of browser performance concerns, and perhaps may not make the list at all. It's also probably less of a problem if it's restricted as a child selector (>) and not used on wildcards (.foo :not(...)).

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