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  • Posted to Taking Feedback from Non-Designers, in reply to Christian Beck , Jan 24, 2018

    I've always liked your style Christian. Great read here with some actionable tidbits! Bless you. :)

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  • Posted to Fast wireframing tools?, Jan 17, 2018

    Lucas- here's what I'm currently using for my wireframing process. Full disclosure, I work at InVision, so obviously potentially biased a here ;). But honestly for the speed, simplicity, level of polish (still has that lo-fi look), and portability (just shoot out a link to stakeholders) its been a game changer for me. I've used full blown design tools, 'on rails' mockup tools, etc in the past for wires and for me I just want something simple, quick, and portable that lets me capture and share my idea. Your mileage may very but offering in case helpful. Let us know how it goes. Best of luck on the exam!

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  • Posted to Liveshare is dead, freehand is shit. I need alternatives., in reply to David Thorn , Jan 11, 2018

    This is on the roadmap David, we'd like to make this possible.

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  • Posted to Liveshare is dead, freehand is shit. I need alternatives., in reply to Alex Dahl , Jan 11, 2018

    My pleasure Alex- thx for the feedback. Confirms the need for better onboarding here. Had a good chat with one of the PM's here today and the team is already cranking on a better messaging/onboarding experience. I may ping you for more info with regards to and struggles on load times- thats not something we're seeing at a systemic level here- would love to try and reproduce to see whats going on. Hit me up, and if the file is one you are able to share, would love that so we can give it a play --> stephen[at]

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  • Posted to Liveshare is dead, freehand is shit. I need alternatives., in reply to George Brown , Jan 11, 2018

    Ouchies, so sorry we've let you down in the past George, es no bueno. This is not the experience anyone should be having on our platform. We've got a major infrastructure overhaul hitting this year in the form of v7 as well as continuous updates that have been rolling out regularly for some time to mitigate syncing/presenting hiccups that should be mitigating this.

    However, we def have had our missteps and I'm incredibly sorry that we've let you down in the past. I want to be respectful of your time, but I'd relish the chance to chat with you further about this at some point live if you'd be up for it? Want to learn from those missteps and earn back that lost trust over time if possible. If you'd be down to chat I'd absolutely love that: stephen[at]

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  • Posted to Liveshare is dead, freehand is shit. I need alternatives., Jan 11, 2018

    Joakim - such a bummer to read about this experience, obviously not the takeaway we're aiming for. A lot of hard work and hands-on time with the community has been spent building out Freehand (especially as a successor to LiveShare). We've been seeing overall good traction, reception, and usage thus far but there's of course always room for continued improvement. Sounds like we have some opportunities to do better here in a couple ways based on what I'm seeing in your original post:

    1. We need to look at messaging our 'read-only' mode better. Sounds like the link that got shared with your stakeholders was a fully-open version where everyone has access. There is a read-only mode that you can share with clients so that deleting like this doesn't happen. I suspect that would have helped immensely in your use case.

    2. We need to look at messaging our artboard focus feature better. Double clicking on any artboard will trigger this and you can then switch between artboards with arrows keys (like you could in LiveShare). I did a quick LICE-cap record here to demonstrate.

    3. We need to look at messaging our presentation mode better. When you enter presentation mode it 'forces' all active viewers to your view. This gives you the ability to ensure all stakeholders on a call are following along with you at all times. You can click the 'play' button at top to trigger this. Here's another LICE-cap demo I did where I popped an incognito window to simulate what this would like on your presenter screen (left) and your clients screen (right).

    Goes without saying (but I want to say it anyway) we always have room for improvement and value your feedback. Building these tools is a deeply personal endeavor. This is the space we live in too and we want to give you a platform that can help you be more productive, not less. Can you hit me up at stephen[at] I'd love to go deeper with you on this and make sure were building and evolving Freehand continually as complimentary asset to your workflow.

    So sorry for any frustration you've experienced in the meantime- appreciate the transparency so we can continue to learn and do better by you and everyone else in this community. Thank you for shooting straight and elevating- look forward to connecting more deeply 1-on-1.

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  • Posted to Design Forward Fund, in reply to Vivek Sahi , Dec 27, 2017

    Hey Vivek- there is no cut-off date at this time. We'll be reviewing all existing applications sometime in Q1 (date still to be determined) and making our first set out of outreaches at that point. The fund however will continue on past that point with continual review of all applications and outreaches going on with each subsequent quarter. Based on reception and success of the fund we'll also reserve the right to further expand fund allocation down the line as well. :)

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  • Posted to Design Forward Fund, in reply to David Simpson , Dec 19, 2017

    Wonderful- looking forward to it David! Happy holidays! :)

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  • Posted to Design Forward Fund, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Dec 19, 2017

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  • Posted to Design Forward Fund, Dec 19, 2017

    Happy Tuesday DN! :)

    Wanted to let you know that we just opened the Design Forward Fund today. Design Forward is a $5 million fund dedicated to investing in individuals and teams who are building the next generation of design tools and/or accompanying design-centered resources (think plugins, apps, extensions, educational courses, literature, videos etc).

    BACKSTORY: InVision itself was born out of a desire to extend and enrich this space. We got our start a little over 6 years ago as a tiny team of two contained within a small agency based in Brooklyn. The growth we’ve experienced since has been due in large part to the MANY individuals within the community who have generously supported us with the giving of their feedback, time, and resources. This fund represents a long standing desire we’ve had to dig into our roots and return the favor. We’re hoping this fund can help open a similar set of opportunities and doors for the next wave of innovators in this space eager to get their own start.

    So, if you are currently working on a project you think might be a good fit for this, or you have an idea thats been burning a hole in your ‘I’ll get around to it someday’ pocket, I encourage you take a moment and a consider this an option. If you have any questions- hit me up here, via DM on twitter or as always you can hit me via email at stephen[at]

    The fund is officially open for applicants as of today; we will be reaching out to our first prospects in Q1 of 2018.

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