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  • Posted to It's ok to quit, right?, in reply to Todd Cantley , Apr 11, 2018

    This comment warms my heart- love seeing this sort of community rallying around one of our own- we've all been there!

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  • Posted to It's ok to quit, right?, Apr 11, 2018

    Jay- we've all been there and I know it can be incredibly frustrating at times. I'd encourage you to use this opportunity to reflect on your skills and gifts. In my case it took me over a decade to realize that the thing I was chasing (being an A+++ visual designer) was not the correct alignment for my skills/gifts. It was only after some extremely wise mentors and life experiences hit me that I realized I was configured in such away that if I slightly shifted my trajectory I could A) stay in the field I loved and worked hard to be a part of, B) leverage my other strengths I had been neglecting/assuming didn't have practical application to my pursuit of design (I couldn't have been MORE wrong here and this was like discovering a whole new version of my craft), and C) be not only a positive benefit to the team I was working for but a key asset. It took a long time for this realization and perspective change to set in for me and I'm so thankful it did eventually.

    I don't know you, but I'm sure you have a diverse range of skills (in the both tapped and untapped flavor) and sometimes a perspective shift can be just what the doctor ordered. I've also found that many times I'm too close to a problem to see it clearly, sometimes backing away, taking an objective look, and then re-engaging can be the best strategy.

    Ultimately I wish you the very VERY best in all your endeavors. More than that I'd be totally down to chat with you live if its of any aid. Hit me at stephen[at] if you ever want to sync live.

    Chin up my friend!

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  • Posted to Bottts: Sketch Library to Mix & Match Robot Illustrations , in reply to Pablo Stanley , Apr 11, 2018

    I LOVE this- nice job Pablo!

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, in reply to Dino Paravandis , Apr 05, 2018

    Thanks for the excitement Dino- we're working to get a Windows build out ASAP to you. We started with Mac first to target those core features for development but we'll open doors for Windows testing soon as well. Appreciate you hanging in there!

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, in reply to John Jackson , Apr 05, 2018

    You're on the right track John- we're moving as quickly as possible here and targeting GA as quickly as possible. This is not a 'stick it in development mode for a year and slowly chip away at it' thing. Thx for your patience and would love to keep learning from you so we can keep prioritizing the right things on the roadmap.

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, in reply to Emmanuel Kaska , Apr 05, 2018

    Hey Emmanuel- we have some tutorial resources coming very soon. Honestly we should have had more of these out already by now- sorry about that. And yes, to answer your question, you can do sticky header using our pinning function in Studio combined with setting an art board to scrollable. I did a quick and dirty GIF recording so you can check it out here:

    Sticky header

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, in reply to I like carrot juice , Apr 05, 2018

    Hey my friend- so sorry you feel this way! I'd really love the opportunity to chat with you and find out what exactly isn't passing the grade for you so we can make it better. During Early Access we have an incredible opportunity to shape and mold this into something we hope you can rely on and enjoy. Open door always for your feedback! Hit me at stephen[at] if you're up for it- would love to dialogue more by voice if you're down!

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, in reply to C W , Apr 05, 2018

    Thanks CW- this means a bunch to myself and the team! Always an open door here- have been really enjoying chatting with folks and linking them into the team thats directly working on this. Working on a visual tool is definitely a tall order, especially when you consider how much of a designers day is spent in that tool. It can't just be 'passable' it has to be career-enhancing. The faster/easier you're able to accomplish what you need to in your day-to-day the more value is derived from that tool. Our promise here is to be absolutely relentless in pursuing that optimized state. Forever growing, learning, evolving to fit that workflow.

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, in reply to Kamushken Roman , Apr 05, 2018

    Hey Kamushken- DEFINITELY listening here! I normally jump in quickly here but was traveling for all of yesterday- please forgive the delay here on my end. We're moving very quickly with Studio and continually prioritizing efforts based on user feedback and input during this Early Access phase.

    Not sure if you have access yet, but would love your feedback on our pace and level of delivery. In past few weeks there have been some significant additions including: timeline-based animation, enhanced scrolling content on art boards, looping controls, better vector handling, etc.

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  • Posted to Wake joins InVision, Apr 03, 2018

    Hey folks- couldn’t be more excited to announce that the Wake team is joining InVision! Thought I'd drop some additional context in this thread if its helpful.


    Honestly… this was a match made in heaven from the beginning. Both teams have been passionate about collaboration, sharing, and visibility within design teams since their inception. This shared vision and passion for the space made this an obvious team-up opportunity that we're both thrilled about.

    Wake + InVision


    • FIRST: Wake will continue to operate as a separate brand, providing service to its customers. Yay!

    • SECOND: With more expansive support and funding behind it with InVision, Wake will be in an excellent position to launch it’s free plan tier making it accessible to even more teams.

    • THIRD: Both Wake and InVision teams will be working side-by-side in the future to collaboratively push the design communication workflow even further. There’s still lots of good to be done here (as well as many new ideas we’ve been itching to crank on together). We’re excited to be climbing this mountain; the old saying rings true: if you want to go far, go together.

    Big kudos to Chris and the entire Wake team for building something truly special with Wake. Onward and upward together; welcome to the team!

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